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Effectiveness Comparison of 2 doses between mRNA vaccines and inactivated vaccines

Effectiveness Comparison of 2 doses between mRNA vaccines and inactivated vaccines


Effectiveness Comparison of 2 doses between mRNA vaccines and inactivated vaccines.

Singapore丨Comparison of the effectiveness of 2 mRNA vaccines and 2 inactivated vaccines in the real world. 



On April 12, 2022 , Singapore ‘s Ministry of Health published the results of a vaccine effectiveness study based on breakthrough infection rates following vaccination in the country’s population in the journal CID .

The data is presented in a single table, and the study uses the adjusted relative risk (aIRR) of infection and severe illness after vaccination to characterize the effect of vaccination.


Effectiveness Comparison between 2 doses mRNA vaccines and 2 doses inactivated vaccines



Effectiveness in preventing new coronavirus infection

The study set the risk of infection with 2019-nCoV at 1 after vaccination with BNT162b2 , 0.84 for mRNA-1273 , 2.37 for CoronaVac , and 1.62 for BBIBP-CorV .



Effectiveness in preventing severe COVID-19

If the risk of severe disease after vaccination with BNT162b2 is set to 1, it is 0.42 for mRNA-1273 , 4.59 for CoronaVac, and 1.58 for BBIBP -CorV .
A little note: due to the small sample size, although the aIRR of BBIBP- CorV was 1.58, the 95% CI was between 0.63-3.97. None of the other aIRRs had 95% CIs that crossed 1.





This result is actually not too surprising. I said that almost all vaccines on the market play a role in preventing infection by inducing neutralizing antibodies .
Neutralizing antibodies directly block virus-cell adsorption (contact) by blocking viral epitopes.


A large number of studies published in top journals over two years have established a correlation between the ability of COVID-19 vaccines to induce neutralizing antibodies and protection. We also accurately predicted the protective power of these vaccines in Phase 3 clinical trials in Phase 1 of vaccine development.


The real-world study in Singapore once again showed a positive correlation between neutralizing antibodies and vaccine effectiveness; it also suggested that different vaccines have huge differences in preventing infection and preventing severe disease .

Faced with these differences, it is particularly important to increase the neutralizing activity of vaccine recipients against current circulating strains as soon as possible through booster vaccination (even 2 booster doses), or the application of highly protective vaccines .


Using the most efficient vaccine expression vector with adjuvant effect to express the optimal antigen inducing antibody designed by protein engineering-the pre-fusion conformation of S protein, the ability of this vaccine to induce neutralizing antibody is definitely stronger than other vaccines.

As for the duration of vaccine-induced antibodies is not long enough, it is currently the shortcoming of all vaccines (this is also the meaning of booster vaccination), but this does not mean that all vaccines are ineffective, it belongs to choking.








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Effectiveness Comparison of 2 doses between mRNA vaccines and inactivated vaccines

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