July 15, 2024

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“Mysterious pneumonia” appeared: Only one patient recovered

“Mysterious pneumonia” appeared: Only one patient recovered

“Mysterious pneumonia” appeared: Only one patient recovered. 

After finally surviving the pandemic, strange diseases such as monkeypox, tomato flu, and unprovoked nosebleeds broke out in various countries.

Argentina’s Ministry of Health announced today that there is a new case of “mysterious pneumonia” in the country.

Up to now, 6 people have been infected, including 2 dead and 4 seriously ill.

The patients died on average less than 10 days after being hospitalized.

According to comprehensive  media reports, the “mysterious pneumonia” originated in a nursing home in the Argentine city of Tucumán in the South American country.

There have been 6 cases in succession earlier. T

he patients were all medical staff and were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. , 4 of them are still in the intensive care unit for emergency treatment, and only 1 person has recovered.

The most common symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.

A disease that spreads infection through bacteria in the urine of mice and livestock animals.

“At first we suspected it was a COVID virus or influenza, or even hantavirus, but after in-depth examinations, the possibility was ruled out,” said Luis Medina Ruiz, Turkmen’s health minister.

Hector Sale, dean of the medical school, told Gazzetta dello Sport that authorities and health officials are actively conducting research to identify the source of the disease.

It is further added that the two dead cases died within less than 10 days of hospitalization, and it has been 8 days since the last case, so it is presumed that the infection is weak.


"Mysterious pneumonia" appeared: Only one patient recovered. 



“Mysterious pneumonia” appeared: Only one patient recovered

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