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Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Another “COVID-19” Outbreak in China?

Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Another “COVID-19” Outbreak in China?

Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Another “COVID-19” Outbreak in China?

In recent days, there has been the outbreak of Mycoplasma pneumonia across China, drawing widespread attention from various sectors of society.

According to reports from China News Service and Xinhua News Agency, this outbreak began in September this year and has affected several major cities.

Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Another "COVID-19" Outbreak in China?

Here is an overview of the outbreak in some of these cities:


Since September, the number of Mycoplasma pneumonia cases in Beijing has been steadily increasing. According to data released by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, the total reported cases of Mycoplasma pneumonia in the city have now exceeded a thousand. The transmission of cases within schools, communities, and public places in the city has been rapid.


Shanghai is also one of the key areas affected by the outbreak of Mycoplasma pneumonia. As of mid-October, the total reported cases in the city have approached a thousand, according to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission. Similar to Beijing, cases are concentrated in densely populated schools, communities, and public places.


The Children’s Outpatient Department at City Hospital has seen around 1,000 cases daily, which increased to 1,800-1,900 cases over the past weekend. The hospital’s inpatient wards are already at full capacity, with many pediatric patients waiting for admission. Mycoplasma pneumonia has persisted for an extended period this year, primarily manifesting as sporadic cases affecting all age groups, with high incidence among kindergarten and primary school-aged children.


The outbreak of Mycoplasma pneumonia in Guangzhou is also relatively severe. According to data from the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, the total reported cases in the city have exceeded 500 since September. The virus has spread rapidly, especially in some schools and communities.

What’s Mycoplasma pneumonia?

Mycoplasma pneumonia, also known as primary atypical pneumonia, is an acute respiratory disease caused by Mycoplasma bacteria. The primary symptoms of this condition include cough, fever, headache, and sore throat, similar to the common cold and flu. However, Mycoplasma pneumonia has a longer course and is highly contagious.

What is Mycoplasma Pneumoniae? How to treat it?

Mycoplasma is a microorganism that is neither a bacterium nor a virus, with Mycoplasma pneumonia being one of its subtypes. Generally, pathogens that cause pneumonia exhibit seasonal patterns. Although Mycoplasma pneumonia is not classified as a communicable disease, it is highly infectious, primarily spreading through respiratory droplets produced during coughing or sneezing. The clustering of students at the start of the school year in September may have contributed to the outbreak.

However, this year’s Mycoplasma infection seems somewhat unique. Not only has the number of infected children reached a record high, but the severity of symptoms in infected children is also notably worse than in previous years, with some cases of drug-resistant severe pneumonia. Virologist Chang Rongshan pointed out, “Compared to previous years, there are many children under the age of three among this year’s infected patients, which is a significant and concerning development.”

According to data released by the Chinese health authorities, this Mycoplasma pneumonia outbreak has been rapidly spreading nationwide, particularly in schools, communities, and public places due to the high population density. As of now, tens of thousands of individuals across China have been diagnosed with Mycoplasma pneumonia, with many experiencing severe complications.

In response to this outbreak, Chinese health authorities have taken proactive measures. They have strengthened disinfection procedures in hospitals to prevent the virus’s spread. Additionally, they are enhancing hygiene supervision in schools, communities, and public places and isolating and treating individuals with symptoms. Furthermore, they are intensifying monitoring of food and water quality to prevent the virus from spreading through these channels.




Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Another “COVID-19” Outbreak in China?

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