February 22, 2024

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World First Male Contraceptive Enters Clinical Trials

World First Male Contraceptive Enters Clinical Trials

World First Male Contraceptive Enters Clinical Trials

The world’s first male contraceptive is on the horizon, as it has officially entered clinical trials.

According to the University of Minnesota, a male contraceptive named YCT-529, developed by YourChoice Therapeutics, has commenced its Phase 1 clinical trials in the United Kingdom this week.

The drug’s tolerance, safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy will be evaluated in a cohort of 16 male participants. This marks the first non-hormonal male contraceptive to undergo clinical trials globally.

Historically, male contraceptives in clinical trials have been hormonal, exhibiting limited effectiveness and severe side effects.

Over the past few decades, from birth control pills to patches and intrauterine devices, women have borne the majority of the contraceptive burden.

Male contraceptive options have primarily included condom usage and vasectomy, but the irreversible nature of vasectomy has led to lower acceptance among men.

YCT-529, a collaboration between Professor Gunda Georg of the University of Minnesota and YourChoice Therapeutics, is a retinoic acid receptor inhibitor that prevents sperm formation by blocking the acquisition of vitamin A.

Male contraceptives have a new breakthrough and no obvious side effects

World First Male Contraceptive Enters Clinical Trials

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