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Necessary to have chemotherapy immediately if the tumor is diagnosed?

Necessary to have chemotherapy immediately if the tumor is diagnosed?

Necessary to have chemotherapy immediately if the tumor is diagnosed?  We all know that tumors are divided into benign and malignant. 

The epithelial origin of patients with malignant tumors is generally called cancer, and some bone or soft tissue sources are called sarcomas. The most important treatment for malignant tumors is chemotherapy.

Necessary to have chemotherapy immediately if the tumor is diagnosed?

However, not every patient with tumor needs chemotherapy. It must be analyzed based on the patient’s condition. Then which type of patient is chemotherapy targeted? Can patients with benign tumors not undergo chemotherapy?

1. Patients with benign tumors

Generally speaking, patients with benign tumors can get very good therapeutic effects as long as they undergo regular surgical resection. Therefore, there is no need for chemotherapy after surgery.

2. Patients with malignant tumors

If a patient with a malignant tumor is diagnosed as early at the time of diagnosis, the tumor can also be removed by regular surgery. If there is no recurrence after the operation, there is not much need for chemotherapy.

3. Patients who are prone to tumor recurrence after surgery

Most patients with malignant tumors may be in the middle or advanced stage when they are diagnosed. Even if they have been surgically removed, there will be recurrences after surgery.

At this time, you should follow the doctor’s advice and actively perform postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy, so as to achieve a more perfect treatment effect and greatly reduce the recurrence rate of tumors.

Some malignant tumors may not be sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs, and some patients are diagnosed with malignant tumors only at an early stage, so the lesions are not large and the degree of deterioration is low.

Therefore, after the operation, chemotherapy can be temporarily not performed, and regular review is the main focus. Although the patient is in the terminal stage, because the patient’s physical condition is generally too poor, it is difficult to withstand the side effects of chemotherapy.

It may be that some patients do not need chemotherapy, but the disease cannot be postponed, otherwise it will cause the following harm:

1. The malignant tumor keeps dividing

The often said cancer is actually a malignant tumor.

If treatment is not performed as soon as possible, the original site will begin to grow faster. The longer the time, the wider the tumor growth area and the wider invasion. It will also metastasize with the lymph or blood.

In short, as the disease progresses, the patient’s condition will get worse.

2. Tumors grow faster

Tumor cells generally grow faster than normal human cells, especially malignant tumors, which may also metastasize. If the tumor is not treated normally, it will be very harmful to the human body.

Compression and obstruction of the tumor will compress the surrounding tissues and cause lumen obstruction, such as esophageal cancer blocking the esophagus and causing difficulty swallowing.

3. The tumor gradually spread to the whole body

Cancer cells are mainly caused by mutations in normal cells.

If it is left untreated for a long time, most cancers will develop faster and faster. By the time the cancer cells have completed the whole body metastasis, the patient’s condition will be unable to recover.

4. Late threat to human life

Cancer cells grow very fast and can quickly transfer to other organs of the body. At the same time, they will leave harmful substances or inducements, thus threatening human life.

The cause of tumors has not yet been definitively stated, but tumors are very harmful to the human body.

Patients with tumors should actively cooperate with professional doctors to remove the tumors at an early stage to prevent the tumors from developing into advanced cancers and harm other organs. There is no need for chemotherapy after the early tumors are removed.

Moreover, the difficulty of treatment by doctors will be greatly reduced, so it is necessary to remove the tumor in time after the early detection of the tumor.

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