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Non-medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates

Mon-Medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates

Mon-Medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates

Mon-Medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates.


CCCMHPIE ( China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products ) updated the list for Mon-Medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates on January 22, 2022. Total 1080 companies on this list.

Company list for Mon-Medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates.

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What’s Non-medical mask?

1) Self-priming filter-type anti-particulate respirator, also known as “dust mask”, “dust mask”, “dust mask”, etc., is mainly used to protect against particulate pollutants such as dust, smoke, fog, etc., through the body itself The respiratory protective equipment used is widely used in industrial production and daily life. Common N95 masks belong to this type of product. N95 is the protection level in the American standard, which is equivalent to the KN95 protection level in the Chinese national standard GB 2626.


Self-priming filter anti-particulate respirators are classified into disposable masks, replaceable half-masks and full-face masks according to the mask structure. Disposable masks are the most widely used. Most of them use two layers of non-woven fabric inside and outside, and one in the middle. Layer filter cloth (melt blown cloth) is constructed.


Due to the different workplaces, the particles that people come into contact with are generally divided into two categories: non-oily and oily. Non-oily particles such as dust, water-based mist, paint mist, non-oily fume (welding fume), microorganisms, etc., oily particles such as Oil mist, lampblack, asphalt smoke, coke oven smoke, etc.


The masks used to protect against non-oily particles are “KN” type masks, and the masks for oily particles are “KP” type masks. Different dust masks use different filter materials, and filter materials suitable for oily particles can also be used for non-oily particles. Ordinary citizens mainly use “KN” masks.


The product standard of this type of mask is GB 2626-2006 “Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Type Anti-Particulate Respirator” (the new standard will be implemented after July 1, 2020, the standard number is GB 2626-2019).


2) Daily protective masks refer to masks worn to filter out particulate matter in the air pollution environment in daily life. The protection objects include PM2.5, PM10, pollen, etc. The product standard is GB/T 32610-2016 “Technical Specification for Daily Protective Masks”.


The protective effect of daily protective masks is divided into A, B, C, and D from high to low. According to the degree of air pollution, they are respectively suitable for severe pollution, severe pollution and below, heavy pollution and below, moderate and below Pollution and other atmospheric environment.


Non-medical Mask Manufacturers with certificates

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