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Can fruit acid rejuvenation remove wrinkles and acne?

Can fruit acid rejuvenation remove wrinkles and acne?


Can fruit acid rejuvenation remove wrinkles and acne?   Fruit acid activating skin is one of the most commonly used methods of beauty and skin care.

This type of acid brushing is strictly not a skin care category, but as a treatment. The amount of brushing, how many days of brushing, and the number of brushing times are all calculated by professional doctors. Patients only need to follow the doctor’s advice and treat them on time.

Can fruit acid rejuvenation remove wrinkles and acne?


Fruit Acid Revitalizing Treatment

1. Acne: acne, pits after acne, superficial scars.
2. Various keratosis: keratosis pilaris, seborrheic keratosis, ichthyosis, skin amyloidosis, etc.
3. Pigmentation: chloasma, hyperpigmentation after inflammation, uneven skin tone, dull skin tone.
4. Skin aging: fade fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin, enlarged pores, and improve skin texture.


The advantages of AHA

  • Fruit acid is milder than traditional chemical peeling, and there will be no pigment disorder after healing;
  • Since the fruit acid is a natural organic acid from fruit, it will not cause toxic side effects even if it is used at a high concentration of 70%;
  • Fruit acid skin rejuvenation is a step-by-step process from low concentration to high concentration, changing one violent exfoliation to several gentle exfoliation, so it can be performed in the outpatient clinic without hospitalization. Fruit acid treatment parts face, neck, chest, back, limbs.


Contraindications to the treatment of fruit acid

1. There are recent operations in the surgical area, such as blepharoplasty, wrinkle removal, etc. (there is a wound that is healing);
2. People with active bacteria or virus infection locally;
3. People with allergic dermatitis;
4. Patients who have recently received radiotherapy;
5. Those who have recently received laser, freezing and other forms of skin abrasion;
6. People with mental illness, emotional instability, or immunodeficiency diseases;
7. Those who are sunburnt or not adequately protected from sunlight;
8. Those with a history of hypertrophic scars or keloids should be cautious;
9. Those who take retinoic acid drugs should be cautious;
10. Pregnant women.


Adverse reactions of AHA

1. Burns;
2. Postoperative swelling, tingling, burning sensation;
3. Discoloration after inflammation;
4. Light sensitive;
5. As the concentration increases, side effects become aggravated;


Therefore, AHA treatment is safe and effective treatment only if it is guided by a professional dermatologist in a regular medical institution.

  • Fruit acid revitalizing is one of the most commonly used beauty skin care methods at present
  • Has therapeutic and daily skin care value
  • A variety of peeling concentrations can be selected, high concentrations are also non-cytotoxic
  • Safe and effective, the response is controllable and predictable
  • Any skin type except sensitive skin can be used
  • Few contraindications
  • Short recovery period, outpatient treatment, “fast food beauty”
  • It can be combined with multiple beauty treatments.





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