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First death related to Omicron variant in UK

First death related to Omicron variant in UK


First death related to Omicron variant in UK.   The UK reports the death of Omicron infection, the first in the world. 

Prime Minister: The Omicron pandemic is coming, and two doses of vaccine are not enough!


The spread of Omicron is really amazing, and its severe and fatal rate is also attracting more and more attention.


On Monday (13th), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that at least one patient in the UK has died after being infected with the Omicron variant, the first case in the world.


First death related to Omicron variant in UK. 

British Prime Minister Johnson and Johnson visited a vaccination station on the 13th. Later that day, he announced the first death of Omicron in the UK. (AFP)


According to the Daily Mail, Sky News and other media reports, Johnson told reporters when visiting a local COVID-19 vaccination center: “Unfortunately, at least one patient infected with Omicron has died.”


However, Johnson did not disclose further information about the death, including whether the patient has been fully vaccinated.


The latest statistics from the British government show that the number of Omicron cases in the UK has soared by 50% in the past 24 hours.


At present, 10 people in the UK have been hospitalized because of the new strain of Omicron. Most people between the ages of 18 and 85 have received two doses of the vaccine.


Johnson emphasized that to some extent I think this is a milder version of the virus, but everyone should put the concept that the new Omicron strain seems to be slightly milder than other variants of the virus “temporarily put aside”, and should focus on Omicron is highly disseminated.


He reiterated that the best we can do now is to let everyone get the third booster shot.


British Health Secretary Sajid Javid also issued a warning earlier on Monday:


Omicron is spreading in the UK at an alarming rate, and the number of confirmed cases doubles every few days.


Javid also said that considering the super transmission of Omicron, a large number of hospitalized cases cannot be ruled out in the future.


According to a Reuters report, the average number of new cases in a single day in the UK has exceeded 50,000 in the past seven days, a record high since January this year.



Since the first case of Omicron was discovered in the UK on November 27, the UK has imposed stricter restrictions.


On December 8, the United Kingdom launched the “Responding to the COVID-19 Epidemic: Autumn and Winter Plan” Plan B, which is a backup plan, to deal with the rapid spread of the Omicron strain in the United Kingdom.


On December 12, the British Ministry of Health and Social Care announced that it would raise the alert level of the COVID-19 epidemic from level 3 to level 4.


First death related to Omicron variant in UK


British Prime Minister Johnson also warned the same day that medical experts do not yet know whether Omicron is weaker than the Delta strain, but the UK is currently facing a “tsunami” of Omicron.


He emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the implementation of the residents’ vaccination plan. Two shots of vaccine are simply not enough!


Johnson also announced the launch of the “Omicron Emergency Enhanced Needle National Mission” on the same day to provide enhanced needle vaccination services for all persons aged 18 and over in England before the New Year.


On Monday, the British Ministry of Health and Social Care even adjusted the warning level to the “highest” level, which is 5, representing the authorities believe that the country’s medical system is about to be overwhelmed.


Starting from Monday, British people can already walk into the vaccination center without an appointment to receive the booster vaccine.


Early on Monday morning, there were long queues at vaccination centers across the UK, and the scene was spectacular.




In a London hospital, people have to wait in line for at least 6 hours to get vaccinated.


In addition, online appointments collapsed for a while, and the government said it would increase capacity as soon as possible.







First death related to Omicron variant in UK

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