July 17, 2024

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CDC says wearing a mask can protect people

CDC says wearing a mask can protect people

Today, according to CTV News on Nov 11, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed its stance again, saying that wearing a mask can not only protect people around you, but also protect yourself.

The CDC said in its new guidelines on Tuesday that wearing a mask can also help protect you from the spread of the new coronavirus, not just those around you.

According to the new guidelines, masks can be used as a “source control” to block the virus particles exhaled by the wearer. At the same time, it can also block infectious droplets introduced by others, providing a layer of filtering for the wearer. To the role of personal protection.

In order to prove the correctness, the new guidelines also cited many studies, showing that wearing a mask can reduce the spread of the virus by more than 70% in various situations and the risk of infection.

A study showed that under the influence of masks on both sides, two confirmed barbers did not transmit the virus to 67 customers.

CDC says wearing a mask can protect yourself

Another study showed that multiple confirmed patients, wearing masks, did not infect other passengers after flying for more than 10 hours.

CDC said that in many cases, when officials asked people to wear masks, the infection rate and death rate dropped significantly. The CDC also cited an economic analysis that said that if the penetration rate of masks is increased by 15%, it may prevent losses of up to $1 trillion.

Moreover, the CDC says that some cloth masks are almost as effective as surgical masks in blocking droplets. However, compared to a single-layer cloth mask, a multi-layer cloth mask has a better effect and can filter out 50% of particles smaller than 1 micron.

Having said so much, isn’t it only half a year late that the whole people are advised to wear masks? Netizens were confused after reading it: We knew it a long time ago, why did you only understand it now?