June 25, 2024

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Canada Recomends People to Wear three Layer Masks

Canada Recomends People to Wear three Layer Masks

The Public Health Agency of Canada now recommends that Canadians choose non-medical masks with three layers + filtering layers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Federal Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam advised the public to use three-layer non-medical masks at the twice-weekly epidemic briefing held in Ottawa this Tuesday.

Dr. Tan said that in order to improve the protection provided by non-medical masks or masks, it is recommended to consider the use of three-layer non-medical masks.

According to the recently updated guidelines, the two layers of the mask should be made of tightly woven fabrics (such as cotton or linen), and the middle layer should be a filter fabric, such as non-woven polypropylene fabric.

Dr. Tan also suggested adding a filter to help protect, and suggested that Canadians should look for masks made of three layers when buying new masks.

According to a CTV report, infectious disease expert Dr. Brian Conway also said that this latest recommendation by the health authority will help prevent some Canadians from buying fashion-focused masks because these masks provide little protection.

Brian Conway also said that as the weather turns cold, more and more Canadians spend indoors, and it is important to provide an extra layer of protection.

Although a three-layer mask is more effective than a two-layer mask, experts say that a mask with a filter can provide better protection and prevent possible spread through smaller aerosol droplets.

Although the number of layers of masks is different, Canadians must use masks correctly. Even if there are two layers, as long as they are as close to the face as possible, they are still effective.

Canada Reccomends People to Wear three Layer Masks

After the Ministry of Health announced new recommendations on masks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also warned that as the number of cases in Canada continues to surge, begging Canadians to limit exposure to an “absolutely necessary” range. Download the COVID-19 Alert App, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently to help control the infection of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Among them, as early as June this year, the World Health Organization has proposed to wear three-layer non-medical masks.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Tan also explained that as Canadian health authorities conduct research and understanding on mask protection, this major change has been made.
She pointed out that during the pandemic, the authorities also researched and learned more about liquid droplets and aerosols, and conducted scientific research on masks. With the advent of winter, Canadians are more likely to stay indoors, so better protection.

She also urged Canadians to wear masks, be sure to cover their noses, mouths and chins, and not open gaps.