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Israel: 4 died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Israel: 4 died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Israel: 4 died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. 240 Israelis still infected with COVID-19 after being vaccinated by Pfizer, 4 died


Israel: 4 died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Source: Reuters Source: Reuters

Overseas Network, January 2 According to local Israeli media reports, of the nearly 1 million Israelis who have received Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccine, more than 200 are still diagnosed with the new coronavirus. According to the report, because the vaccine cannot immediately produce immunity to the virus, people still need to be vigilant and protect themselves within one month of the first dose of vaccine.

According to the Times of Israel and the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 1st, data released on December 30, 2020 showed that there are currently about 240 Israelis who have been diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia a few days after being vaccinated by Pfizer. In addition, 319 people reported side effects such as weakness, dizziness and fever after receiving the injection, 5 people reported diarrhea, 14 people reported allergies such as itchy throat, and 293 people reported local symptoms such as pain and swelling after the injection. . Twenty-six people developed “neurological symptoms”.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation mentioned that four people in the country have died shortly after being vaccinated by Pfizer. Three of them have been considered by the Ministry of Health and doctors that the cause of death has nothing to do with the vaccine. The fourth case is under investigation.

Regarding the COVID-19 infection after vaccination, Israeli media pointed out that after vaccination, the human body still needs time to produce antibodies. Studies on Pfizer vaccines so far have shown that immunity to the new coronavirus will increase 8 to 10 days after the first vaccination, but the effectiveness is only about 50%.

This is why the second dose of vaccine is very important afterwards. However, even if the vaccine exerts its maximum effectiveness, vaccinators still have a 5% chance of being infected. These data urge people to continue to be vigilant, especially within one month after the first dose of vaccine, all precautions still need to be thoroughly followed


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