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AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: What happened before Italian prefessor died?

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: What happened before Italian prefessor died?


AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: What happened before Italian prefessor died. The professor died on the 4th day of the COVID-19 vaccination! What happened before death?

Recently, Annamaria, a 62-year-old female professor in Naples, died suddenly on the 4th day after the AstraZeneca vaccination. The local prosecutor’s office and relevant departments have begun investigating the incident. Medical staff who vaccinated and treated the deceased will also be questioned by the prosecutor. words.

So, after the vaccination, what series of symptoms did Annamaria’s body show?

According to the Italian Fanpage website, Annamaria is 62 years old and is an English professor at the Cesare Pavese Junior High School in the Arenella neighbourhood of Naples. She was vaccinated with AstraZeneca last Saturday (February 27) and died on the 4th day after the vaccination. The family then reported the case to the local gendarmerie, hoping to find out the cause of the death of their relatives.


AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: What happened before the Italian prefessor died

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Professor Annamaria’s younger brother, Sergio Mantile, a well-known Italian sociologist, introduced to reporters what happened after her sister was vaccinated.

Annamaria was vaccinated with AstraZeneca at about 12:15 noon on February 27. Sergio said,

After the vaccination that day, Sergio sent her sister to her mother’s home. Annamaria then had lunch with her mother and ate some macaroni and meat. Annamaria was a little worried at the time and immediately called her family doctor to inform her of the situation. As Annamaria was vomiting all the time, the doctor prescribed her a drip to replenish her moisture and asked her to take the sedative Spasmex which relieves abdominal pain. But Sergio said,

The next day (February 28), Annamaria’s symptoms only eased slightly, but there was no significant improvement. The doctor advised her to continue taking the medicine. Because Annamaria needed some drips, the family members also called a private nurse to come to her home to perform the operation.

When the reporter asked “Why didn’t she go to the hospital”, Sergio said that we underestimated my sister’s condition at the time. At the same time, we also considered that the chance of getting the virus in the hospital would be very high. At that time, everyone thought it was just a vaccine. As a side effect, Annamaria will definitely recover on her own.

In fact, because of this, Annamaria has always rejected vaccination.


On Monday (March 1), Sergio had been with her sister at her home. Annamaria’s condition seemed to be getting better at the time. This symptom immediately reminded Sergio of their father’s bile exudation due to diabetes 30 years ago. Sergio believes that this symptom is probably caused by intense abdominal pain for many days.

On the same day, her mother invited Dr. Gaeta, a cardiologist, who arrived at Annamaria’s house at 7:30 in the morning and performed an electrocardiogram for her. There was no abnormality, except that the heartbeat was a little fast.

But at noon, at the same time, Annamaria’s eyes were half open and she looked straight to a place. After a while, Sergio finally realized that his sister had already passed away.

Suspicious, Sergio immediately called for help to 118 and Dr. Gaeta. A few minutes later, Dr. Gaeta arrived first, but after performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for Annamaria, there was still no surgery. They could not save Annamaria’s life. Not long after, an ambulance arrived at the scene. The military police rushed to Annamaria’s house to find out about the situation.

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