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Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?

Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?



Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?  How is China’s vaccine performance?



How is China’s vaccine performance?

In particular, many countries with high vaccination rates have seen a surge of epidemics recently, including some countries that are mainly vaccinated in China.

At present, the countries with the highest vaccination rates are: Malaysia, Iceland, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Chile, Uruguay, San Marino, Israel, Bahrain, Mongolia and the United Arab Emirates.

Among them, the three countries marked in red, Seychelles, Chile and Mongolia, mainly use Chinese vaccines.

Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?

(As of July 2, 2021, the countries and regions with the highest vaccination rates. Source: Data World)


Among the countries with the highest vaccination rates, according to the current severity of the epidemic, they are: Seychelles, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, Bahrain, Israel, Malaysia, San Marino, and Iceland.

We use red underline to mark the countries that are mainly vaccinated in China; green circle to circle the average global epidemic situation. It can be seen that the only countries that are better than the global epidemic are Israel and the next three countries.

Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?

(As of July 2, 2021, the epidemic situation in the countries and regions with the highest vaccination rate. Source: Data World)

At first glance at this graph, it seems that the countries with the highest vaccination rates are performing poorly, or in other words, performing poorly. Most countries can’t even reach the global average!




Can a vaccine work? !

As scientific researchers, we only believe in specific data. But unfortunately, we have no more data before.

Till today (July 3, 2021), we searched the US CNN’s analysis of the epidemic situation in countries with a high proportion of Chinese vaccinations (mainly Seychelles, Mongolia and Chile), which included some of the data we wanted.


Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?

(Source: Screenshot of CNN article)


Therefore, today we will use this CNN report as the main source of data to see how the Chinese vaccine is performing in the fight against the new coronavirus?




Straight to the point.

We directly give the title of this CNN report: Why Covid-19 outbreaks in countries using Chinese vaccines don’t necessarily mean the shots have failed failure).


Just like the epidemic that we downloaded through the data world, Seychelles and Mongolia are the two countries with the highest proportion of vaccinations, and the two countries with the most severe epidemics. They are also countries where most of the vaccinations are Chinese vaccines.

CNN pointed out that this has raised questions about China’s vaccines.

Vaccines are the most important means to combat the new coronavirus. The Chinese vaccine is not only used in China; China has also provided 350 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to more than 80 countries.

If the Chinese vaccine really doesn’t work, it would be a disaster.

It is necessary to figure out the real data as soon as possible.


In response to these questions, scientists and doctors answered: The key indicator to measure whether the vaccine is effective is to prevent death and hospitalization, rather than being free from COVID-19 infection.

In terms of this standard, China’s vaccine performance is not bad.


(Source: CNN)




First of all, why do vaccinated people still get infected?


In fact, in the tweet about the British epidemic, we have already answered this question: there has never been a 100% effective vaccine.

Because there are always people with weak immune response to vaccines, especially the elderly, those with immunodeficiency or those who have used drugs to reduce the immune response. Therefore, even though the current COVID-19 vaccine is very effective, there are still people who are still susceptible to the new coronavirus after vaccination.

The vaccines China provides to other countries (SINOPARM and SINOVAC) are all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), and they all use inactivated virus technology, a tried-and-tested vaccine method.


It is a fact that SINOPHARM and SINOVAC’s COVID-19 vaccines are less protective than Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA vaccines in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection.

However, clinical trials of SINOVAC vaccine show that the protection against severe COVID-19 is 100%.

Jin Dong-yan, Professor of Virology at the University of Hong Kong, said:

“If we want to reduce the number of severe cases (and deaths), Sinopharm and SINOVAC can help.”

Ben Cowling, professor of infectious disease epidemiology, said bluntly:

“(China) vaccines are definitely effective and can definitely save a lot of lives.”



Secondly, what happened in Chile, Mongolia and Seychelles?

Look at Chile first. 55% of people were fully vaccinated, and 80% of them were vaccinated with Koxing vaccine.

Currently, Chile reports thousands of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases every day. According to the Chilean Ministry of Health, between June 17 and 23, 73% of the intensive care unit cases were not fully vaccinated (2 weeks after two doses of vaccination).


Look at Seychelles again. Adults under the age of 60 are vaccinated by China National Pharmaceutical Group, and people over 60 are vaccinated by AstraZeneca made in India.

The Seychelles Ministry of Health announced on Facebook that of the 63 people who died of COVID-19 in the country, only 3 were fully vaccinated, and the three were between 51-80 years old.

Finally, look at Mongolia. 53% of people are fully vaccinated, and 80% of them are vaccinated with Sinopharm’s vaccine.

The person in charge of public policy implementation of the Ministry of Health of Mongolia stated that one-fifth of COVID-19 cases in Mongolia are fully vaccinated, but 96% of deaths are people who have not been vaccinated or received only one dose.

Seeing this, a very clear conclusion is: China Vaccine (SINOPHARM and SINOVAC) has significantly reduced the COVID-19 mortality rate in these three countries.

In fact, vaccination significantly reduces the mortality rate caused by COVID-19, which has become a consistent and stable conclusion for all vaccines.

We compare the COVID-19 mortality rate in the countries with the highest rate of vaccination from the visualization of the data world, and when we compare it with the world, this result is clear at a glance.

Only the UK’s COVID-19 fatality rate is higher than the global level, and the other 10 countries with the highest vaccination rates are all below the global average fatality rate; Seychelles and Mongolia, which have been vaccinated in China, are particularly low, both less than 0.5 %.

The only UK with a fatality rate higher than the global average. Yesterday, our interpretation also mentioned that due to the effective vaccine, the current fatality rate against the Delta mutant strain in the UK is only 0.3%, and its total fatality rate is 2.65%. The early fatality rate is too high. High (the early case fatality rate in the UK once reached 14.9%!).

Does Chinese COVID-19 vaccine really work against new coronavirus?

(Case-fatality rates in the 11 countries with the highest vaccination rate. Source: Data World)


At this point, the conclusion that China’s vaccine will work is clear:

It must be admitted that the Chinese vaccines (SINOPHARM and SINOVAC) are indeed inferior to the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna in terms of protection against symptomatic COVID-19; however, the Chinese vaccines, like other vaccines, effectively reduce COVID-19 Fatality rate.

The fatality rate is the most critical indicator for judging the effectiveness of vaccines.


(CNN reporter said: China’s vaccination work is “very amazing.” Screenshot from: CNN)


The current fatality rate of COVID-19 in Mongolia is 0.49 and that in Seychelles is 0.44%, which is similar to the fatality rate caused by swine flu; more importantly, even at this low fatality rate, the deaths are mainly people who have not been vaccinated. .

This is also the key reason why the number of infected people in Seychelles has soared, but the country still has not adopted strict border management measures.




What can we learn from this data interpretation?


Conclusions have been made on whether China’s vaccines are working or not, and this interpretation is supposed to be over.

But the editor-in-chief, Dr. Mark, said: Not enough, we have to say how to improve; this should be the true value of our unremitting interpretation. Even if some people don’t like to listen.

Significantly reducing the case fatality rate of the new coronavirus infection confirms the value of China’s vaccine; but we also see that the current vaccines of SINOPHARM and SINOVAC are unable to completely prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (especially mutant strains). This not only makes it extremely long to rely solely on vaccines to achieve herd immunity, but also greatly increases the risk of more severe mutant strains.


Sum up:

1. It is necessary for SINOPHARM and SINOVAC Vaccine to take measures to enhance the protection against COVID-19.

For example, there are already plans to increase the third dose of vaccination, or increase the dose of vaccine.

According to the University of Cambridge finding that the long-term immune response of elderly people over 80 years old is significantly reduced, the United Kingdom has planned to give the elderly people a supplementary dose of vaccine in September.

But no matter what the measure is, it needs to be based on clinical research data.


2. It is necessary to consider the possibility of mixed vaccination and start preparing for clinical trials.

At present, Germany has taken the lead in launching mixed vaccination in EU countries, that is, if one dose of AstraZeneca vaccine is given, the second dose will be given mRNA vaccine. The United States is also planning to give a supplementary dose of mRNA vaccine to people who have been vaccinated against Johnson’s adenovirus.

Similarly, can inactivated vaccines be mixed with other vaccines? Still need clinical research data.


3. Continue to develop highly protective vaccines.

Don’t say anything bad or even boycott mRNA vaccines just because the United States is the first to successfully develop mRNA vaccines.

Even if you don’t like mRNA vaccines, you can continue to develop high-titer recombinant protein vaccines. Clover with a high-efficiency adjuvant showed a high level of induction of neutralizing antibodies, which is worth looking forward to.


4. The most important:

Go vaccinated.

The vaccine currently available is the best choice.

Although it is far from perfect.

Just as we like Novavax’s protein vaccine the most, but we still received the mRNA vaccine without hesitation.

When the approval of the favorite Novavax will take time, the mRNAs that you don’t like are already available; how can you risk your life with a highly lethal virus?


(source:internet, reference only)

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