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Is China’s COVID-19 vaccine still effective against Delta variants?



Is China’s COVID-19 vaccine still effective against Delta variants?

Since July 20, there have been cases of infected persons involved in the spreading chain of the epidemic at Nanjing Lukou Airport across China. Can China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Cope with Delta Variant Strains? What research plans are there? Related issues have aroused great attention from the society.


During the COVID-19 Vaccine Cooperation Enterprise Dialogue hosted by the Department of Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the evening of July 29, Yang Xiaoming, chief scientist of the national “863” vaccine project and chairman of SINOPHARM  China Biotech, responded in an interview with the Global Times and other media In the laboratory, through cross-neutralization experiments with the sera of people who have been vaccinated with China’s bio-new-coronavirus inactivated vaccine, it was found that China biotech (SINOPHARM)-COVID-19 vaccine has four typical strains including delta strains. Mutant strains can achieve cross-neutralization. In other words, China’s bio-COVID-19 vaccine can still provide effective protection.


Is China's COVID-19 vaccine still effective against Delta variants?


On July 20, a research institute in Sri Lanka released a real-world protective research report on the effectiveness of China’s new biological COVID-19 vaccine, which showed that the vaccine has antibody levels and natural infections against the currently circulating variants of Delta and Beta strains. The level after the formation of immunity is similar. Compared with the early Chinese new coronavirus strains, the Chinese biological COVID-19 inactivated vaccine has an antibody neutralization activity against the currently discovered delta mutant strains. In other words, after being immunized with two injections of the inactivated vaccine of China Biology, there is still a 68% protection rate against the currently circulating delta mutant strain. China’s biological nCOVID-19 vaccine still has a good protective effect against the Delta strain.


The key indicators for measuring the effectiveness of vaccines are prevention of death and hospitalization. Vaccines cannot be 100% effective. There are always people with weak immune response to vaccines, especially the elderly, those with immunodeficiency or those who have used drugs to reduce the immune response. Even though the safety and effectiveness of the current COVID-19 vaccine have been verified, there are still people who are still susceptible to the new coronavirus after vaccination.


Yang Xiaoming said that China Biosciences has also been closely monitoring the mutation of the new coronavirus and will promptly make strategic adjustments to the virus mutation in vaccine development and production and supply. The research and development of an inactivated vaccine against the mutant strain found in South Africa by China Biological is in progress, and it is currently in the stage of animal experiments. Inactivated vaccines against delta variants are also under development. In other technical routes, the research and development of recombinant protein vaccines and mRNA vaccines against variant strains are also in progress.


Yang Xiaoming also called on the public to “should accept everything.” Clinical trials and large population use results show that Sinopharm Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine has good safety, and its effectiveness has also been verified by a large number of populations. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you must bear a higher risk. If you get vaccinated, it will greatly reduce the risk of infection and serious illness.”


In February this year, a new survey released by Nature showed that nearly 90% of scientists believe that the new coronavirus will coexist with humans for a long time. The future development trend of the epidemic will depend to a large extent on how people get immunity through vaccination and how the virus evolves. Currently, many countries around the world are also adjusting their strategies. At present, the international epidemic prevention strategy for the new coronavirus has changed from “prevention of infection” to “prevention of severe illness and death.”


The Seychelles Ministry of Health stated on May 10 that about one-third of the confirmed cases have been vaccinated. At that time, most people in the country were injected with Sinopharm’s China Bio-COVID-19 Vaccine. As of May, Seychelles has reported more than 15,000 confirmed cases and 68 deaths. Based on the above data, it can be calculated that the protection rate of Sinopharm vaccine against infection is about 70-80%, and the protection rate against death is about 90%.

At present, Sinopharm China Bio-COVID-19 Vaccine has obtained WHO emergency use certification and EU GMP certification; it has been registered and marketed in 8 countries including China, UAE, Bahrain, Bolivia, Seychelles, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and is available in 87 countries around the world , Regional and international organizations are approved for emergency use or market access. On June 29, Sinopharm Sinopharm’s world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine production base was completed and put into production. The overall annual production capacity of Sinopharm’s China Bio-COVID-19 Vaccine exceeds 5 billion doses.


Below data from the complete data of real-world research in Sri Lanka

Is China's COVID-19 vaccine still effective against Delta variants?

SARS-CoV-2 specific antibody response


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