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What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?

What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?



What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?  The internal documents leaked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) caused a thousand waves with one stone.

The CDC file reported to the US Congress last Thursday, because it revealed the latest infectiousness of the Delta mutant strain (between R0 5-9.5), it has attracted widespread attention.

[Heavyweight] The internal documents of the United States CDC leaked, and the COVID-19 Delta mutant strain broke out as “one of the most infectious viruses”

This information also caused panic among many people. Especially in the United States and China.

What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?

(Changes in new cases in the United States. Source: Data World)

The United States needless to say. Recently, the number of new cases has soared. More than half of the United States is in a high-infectious area. Florida has even reached 21,600 new cases in a single day, exceeding its record high number of new cases. More importantly, the Delta mutant strain accounted for 93% of new cases in the United States.

What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?

(The infection of the COVID-19 virus in the American community, red-high transmission, orange-large number of infections)


In China, the epidemic in the past week has also made people sweat. According to the news published on the official website of the National Health Commission of China, between 0-24 o’clock on August 1st, there were 55 new local cases and 44 new local asymptomatic infections in mainland China; the culprit was also the Delta mutant strain.

What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?

(Changes in new cases in China in the last year. Source: Data World)


The fundamental reason why the Delta mutant strain is difficult to control is that the viral load of the infected person of the Delta mutant strain is extremely high.

According to the research conducted by CDC in Guangdong Province, China, the viral load of people infected with the Delta mutant strain is 1,260 times that of the original strain of the new coronavirus. As a result, the Delta mutant strain is extremely infectious and has a longer transmission time, and the vaccinators are also extremely infectious.

The viral load of the Delta mutant after infection is more than 1,000 times that of the original new coronavirus!

Even more dangerous is that after being exposed to the new coronavirus, vaccinators will not only prevent most of the infection without getting sick, but will also form a higher proportion of asymptomatic infections; and these asymptomatic infections are still contagious.

In other words, more people are infected without noticing it, and then unknowingly infecting family members and other close contacts. The COVID-19 virus epidemic has this characteristic from the very beginning, and it will only get higher after vaccination.


This is the situation faced by the UK and the United States recently, and it is also the situation currently facing China.

Just like this, the CDC document repeatedly emphasizes:

“The war has changed!”


But I don’t know if my friends have noticed that in the US CDC document, the Delta mutant strain is described so terribly, with special emphasis on “the more breakthrough infections will be.” Even 74% of the infected people in an outbreak in Massachusetts All have been vaccinated. And the director of the CDC burst into tears again, making people feel like a mountain is overwhelming.

However, the treatment recommendations given by the CDC are only 1) increase the vaccination rate; 2) wear a mask.
But the US CDC didn’t mention a word: reinjection of vaccines.

It seems contradictory.
On the one hand, breakthrough infections will increase after the United States is fully vaccinated, and Delta mutant strains can also be transmitted; shouldn’t this be supplemented with vaccines to increase neutralizing antibodies and block breakthrough infections? Moreover, Pfizer’s research also shows that the expected effect of the third dose of replanting is excellent.

The reason why the US CDC emphasizes that people who have not been vaccinated should be vaccinated without mentioning the replanting of those who have been vaccinated. The key problem is that the fatality rate after vaccination is extremely low.

The figure below shows the current mortality rates in the United Kingdom and the United States. Even though the majority of the infected are incompletely vaccinated, the number of deaths due to the new coronavirus infection in the two countries has not increased significantly.


What is the death rate of COVID-19 infection among vaccinators?


We have been looking for the mortality rate of vaccinated people in the United States after being infected with the new coronavirus. But unfortunately, since May 1, the CDC stopped the same summary of the number of cases of breakthrough infections, and only focused on hospitalizations and all-cause deaths after breakthrough infections.


Hard work pays off. We finally found the most comprehensive summary today, which provides sufficient evidence for our previous hypothesis.

Our hypothesis is that the US CDC rejected Pfizer’s proposal for the third dose for the first time because the current mortality rate of fully vaccinated patients is too low, so there is no need for replanting.


The materials we searched came from KFF. They summarized all the reported breakthrough cases in the United States. Half of the states (25 states) in the United States reported COVID-19 breakthrough infections, and 19 states provided data on hospitalizations and deaths. .

In all reported states, breakthrough cases accounted for less than 1% of fully vaccinated persons, ranging from 0.01% to 0.9%;

The proportion of fully vaccinated people who are hospitalized due to the new coronavirus infection ranges from 0% to 0.06%;

The proportion of fully vaccinated people who died from all causes of the COVID-19 virus was 0.01% in only two states; all other states were 0.

This picture clearly shows that people who are fully vaccinated currently do not need intensive vaccination to protect them.


(Proportions of breakthrough infections (blue), hospitalizations (green) and deaths (brown) among fully vaccinated Americans. Source: KFF)


This can be compared with the proportion of fully vaccinated people and fully vaccinated people who died after being infected with the new coronavirus. As shown in the figure below, 49% of the population in the United States is currently fully vaccinated, but it only accounts for 0.1%-3.1% of all-cause deaths due to COVID-19 infection.


(Proportion of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States. Fully vaccinated people in the United States vs. incompletely vaccinated people. Source: KFF)


After reading these two results, you will understand why the US CDC said that breakthrough cases have been increasing, and on the other hand, it has rejected the current third shot of replanting, but continues to focus on increasing the proportion of vaccination.


On this issue, Dr. Fauci, the chief medical adviser of the White House, may have a glimpse of the emphasis on Sunday.

Dr. Fauci said: “Things are going to get worse” .

But Dr. Fauci changed the subject and said:”We are looking, not I believe, to lockdown”

This means that fully vaccinated people will continue to return to activities before the epidemic and the safety is still high.

Correspondingly, people who have not been vaccinated have become extremely dangerous, or more likely to be infected with the new coronavirus than ever before. It was originally hoped that through the establishment of herd immunity by vaccinators to block the epidemic, so that those who have not been vaccinated can benefit from it; now it is completely different. The vaccinated people continue to get infected but they are not serious, and the vaccinated people continue to spread the virus, and more Asymptomatic infected people spread the virus unknowingly.

Those who have not been vaccinated originally hoped that through vaccination, they will be surrounded by people who can block the virus; now they have become: because of the Delta mutant, they are surrounded by people who are not sick/not serious but are spreading the virus.

This is the root cause of “The CDC of the United States said: The war has changed. And it gave a response strategy: Partially compulsory vaccination.”

But in any case, although the COVID-19 vaccine has been fully vaccinated, it is still recommended to continue to wear a mask. Because this is not only one of the key measures to protect yourself, but also protect your family and others.

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