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Turkey will Start vaccinating Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine in Dec 2020

Turkey will Start vaccinating Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine in Dec 2020

Turkey will Start vaccinating Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine in Dec 2020. Turkey announced that it will start vaccinating Chinese COVID-19 vaccines this month and will be carried out in four stages

Turkey will Start vaccinating Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine in Dec 2020
On October 9, doctors in Istanbul tried to vaccinate the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine. (Associated Press)

Overseas Network, December 3rd. The Turkish Minister of Health announced a vaccination plan on Wednesday (2nd) in response to the new coronavirus pandemic. The plan will arrange for citizens to be vaccinated against the Chinese COVID-19 later this month.

According to the Associated Press, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has previously announced an agreement with the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Kexing to purchase 50 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in response to the country’s COVID-19 epidemic. Koka said in a statement later on the 2nd that the first batch of inactivated vaccines will arrive in Turkey after December 11. Koka said that if developments are as positive as expected, Turkey will become one of the first countries in the world to start vaccination at an early stage.

Koka said that the vaccination work will be carried out in four stages. The first stage includes medical staff, citizens over 65, and people living in homes for the elderly, disabled or other protective homes. Next will be basic workers and people over 50 years of age with at least one chronic disease. In the third stage, people under the age of 50 who have at least one chronic disease, young people and other workers will be vaccinated. The final stage will target the remaining population.

At the same time, Koka also introduced that other models of the COVID-19 vaccine will be sold in pharmacies. “We will deliver at least 10 million doses of vaccine in December, and it is likely that 20 million doses will be delivered. Another 20 million doses will be injected in January and another 10 million doses will be injected in February.” It is understood that Turkey has a population of over 83 million.

Koka also previously announced an agreement to deliver 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine in December. He said on the 2nd that more vaccines are being negotiated. These vaccines introduce so-called messenger RNA (mRNA), which encodes disease-specific antigens to promote an immune response in the body. According to reports, Turkey currently has two vaccines in the experimental stage, and the country is also developing a local vaccine. Vaccine trials usually take several years, but the speed has been greatly accelerated due to the global pandemic.

According to reports, Turkey has had new deaths for 10 consecutive days. On the evening of the 2nd local time, the updated data on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Health showed that Turkey conducted 183624 new coronavirus tests that day, of which 31,923 people tested positive, of which 6,690 were symptomatic patients, and the cumulative number of symptomatic patients was 513656. On that day, there were 193 new deaths in Turkey and a total of 14,129 deaths; 4,821 new cases were cured, and a total of 414,141 were cured. At present, there are still 5502 critically ill patients in Turkey.