June 16, 2024

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Turkey Indonesia waiting for Chinese COVID-19 vaccines

Turkey Indonesia waiting for Chinese COVID-19 vaccines


Turkey Indonesia waiting for Chinese COVID-19 vaccines.

Government officials in Turkey, Malaysia and other countries have successively revealed that their country’s progress in obtaining China’s COVID-19 vaccine is accelerating.



According to a report from the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 25th, Turkish President Erdogan said that day, given the supply of vaccines in China, Turkey can start vaccinating the COVID-19 vaccine in December. Erdogan said in a speech to the Turkish parliament, “We are paying close attention to the development of vaccines in Russia, China, the United States and other countries, and have already made reservations.

We hope to start using vaccines next month.” According to Turkey, The “Daily News” previously reported that the country’s Minister of Health Fahreddin Koca revealed that a vaccine purchase contract has been signed with China Kexing, and about 10 million doses of vaccine are being shipped to Turkey.

It is expected that this batch of vaccines will be given priority to medical workers, and then for chronic disease patients and high-risk groups.


The first country in the world to purchase China’s COVID-19 vaccine was Brazil.

According to Reuters, last week, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo began importing the first batch of 46 million doses of China’s Coxing COVID-19 vaccine. The Butantin Institute in Sao Paulo State is conducting a Phase III clinical trial of the Coxing vaccine in Brazil. The director of the institute, Covas, said that preliminary results show that the vaccine is very safe.




Indonesian President Joko also revealed this month that the country is expected to launch a large-scale vaccination campaign before the end of this year.

The initial stage of the vaccination campaign will use vaccines produced by China Kexing Biological and Sinopharm Group.

Reuters quoted Indonesian Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut as saying that the government expects that the vaccination “is likely to be approved in the first week of December this year, and the vaccination process will begin in two weeks.”

The official revealed that these companies will provide 18 million doses of vaccines this year, of which 15 million doses will be produced by Indonesian state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer Bio Farma.




According to Malaysia’s “Malay Mail” report on the 26th, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin said on social media that Malaysia has been listed as one of the countries that have given priority to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines from China.

Muhyiddin said that the news was delivered by the outgoing Chinese ambassador to Malaysia in the daytime at the farewell party held on the 25th.

Muhyiddin said that Malaysia also appreciates the Chinese government’s commitment on this issue.




Some other countries and regions are also accelerating the process of vaccine cooperation with China.

According to Bloomberg News, the head of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Enken Gasson, stated in a meeting on the 24th that the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the African Union have discussed cooperation with China and Russia on COVID-19 vaccine experiment.

Enkengasson said, “As a continent with a population of 1.2 billion, we are willing to cooperate with any partner that complies with the strategic plan for vaccine development and acquisition in Africa.”





Turkey Indonesia waiting for Chinese COVID-19 vaccines

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