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2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world

2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world


2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world.


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the global healthcare landscape, but also the old world order of drug development companies.


At the end of 2020, the FDA approved the launch of two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, namely Spikevax, an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna , and Comirnaty, an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer / BioNTech .


In 2021, sales of Pfizer / BioNTech ‘s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty reached $ 36.9 billion , making it the best-selling drug of 2021 and helping Pfizer to jump to the top of the top-selling pharmaceutical company in 2021. The rapid growth in sales of Comirnaty since its launch means it has become the fastest-selling drug in pharmaceutical history.


With projected 2022 sales of $33.6 billion , Comirnaty will remain the year’s best-selling drug and will help Pfizer retain its top spot as the year’s best-selling drug company. In addition, Pfizer’s oral anti-coronavirus drug Paxlovid will also further consolidate its sales, which Pfizer predicts will reach $22 billion this year .


Top 10 pharmaceutical companies by sales in 2021


2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world



Top 10 companies by sales in 2021:

  1. Pfizer,
  2. AbbVie,
  3. Novartis,
  4. Johnson & Johnson,
  5. Roche,
  6. BMS,
  7. Merck,
  8. Sanofi,
  9. AstraZeneca,
  10. GSK.




2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world


Top 10 drugs by sales in 2021:

  1. Comirnaty (from Pfizer/BioNTech) ,
  2. Humira (from AbbVie) ,
  3. Spikevax (from Moderna ),
  4. Keytruda (from Merck) ,
  5. Revlimid (from BMS) ,
  6. Eliquis (from BMS) ,
  7. Stelara ( from BMS) Johnson & Johnson) ,
  8. Biktarvy (from Gilead) ,
  9. Opdivo (from BMS) ,
  10. Trulicity (from Eli Lilly) .



Pfizer jumped to the top of the list of the best-selling pharmaceutical companies in 2021 with the excellent performance of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine Comirnaty, with total sales of 72 billion US dollars , an increase of nearly 70% compared to 2020. And it opened a $16 billion gap with second – place AbbVie .


But sales of the mRNA vaccine Comirnaty and other Covid-19 vaccines are expected to drop sharply in the next few years , as most Western countries have already received 2 or 3 doses of the vaccine, and the current major Covid-19 strain, Omicron weaker sex, reducing the need for a fourth dose of the vaccine.


Although there are no COVID-19-related products, AbbVie (AbbVie), relying on the success of the cash cow adalimumab (Humira) , the BTK inhibitor Ibruvica (Ibruvica) , and the approval of the new psoriasis drug Skyrizi, the total sales The ranking rose one place to second place. But with a generic version of adalimumab set to hit the market in 2023, AbbVie ‘s sales rankings will inevitably drop.


The big sales increases for Pfizer and AbbVie directly impacted the rankings of Novartis and Roche , which dropped two and three places, respectively, compared to 2020. Moreover, neither Novartis nor Roche have COVID-19-related drugs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has also caused sales of many of their drugs to fall short of expectations.


In normal times, Merck & Co. would have had a better ranking thanks to the strong performance of its PD-1 inhibitor Keytruda, however, the reality is that Merck & Co. is only No. 7 in total sales name. According to forecasts, Keytruda’s sales this year may be as high as 20 billion US dollars. According to this trend, if the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine changes significantly, Keytruda may become the best-selling drug of the year in 2023, when annual sales are expected to be 21.3 billion US dollars.


AstraZeneca ‘s sales top 10 in 2021, driven by strong growth in its oncology drugs and last year’s $39 billion acquisition of Alexion, which has several rare disease drugs to boost sales . Future sales growth for AstraZeneca is expected to come from its ADC drug Enhertu, an antibody-drug conjugate targeting Her2-positive breast cancer with impressive efficacy.


In this list, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is slightly embarrassed. It has three drugs in the top 10 best-selling drugs, but the company’s sales are not on the top 10 list. And, its top-selling multiple myeloma drug, Revlimid, is about to expire, and sales ($12.8 billion in 2021) are expected to decline with it. Although its PD-1 inhibitor Opdivo has entered the top 10 best-selling drugs, its sales of $7.6 billion in 2021 are significantly different from Merck & Co.’s PD-1 inhibitor Keytruda’s $17.2 billion in sales.


Gilead has only one HIV drug, Biktarvy, into the top 10 best-selling drugs, with sales of $8.6 billion in 2021, and this drug accounts for one-third of Gilead’s total annual sales, which has also triggered the outside world. Concerns about Gilead’s over-reliance on the drug. In addition, sales of the COVID-19 drug remdesivir developed by Gilead have plummeted to only $5.6 billion in 2021.


Sanofi ‘s Covid- 19 vaccine failed, causing it to miss out on opportunities like Pfizer and Moderna, resulting in annual sales stalling at No. 8.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has no drugs in the top 10 best-selling drugs, which also led to its ranking at the bottom of the top 10 sales companies.









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2021 Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies and drugs in the world

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