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Vaccine Management Experience in China

Vaccine Management Experience in China

Vaccine Management Experience in China. Vaccines are one of the most effective and economical means for mankind to fight infectious diseases. Vaccination is also something that every family has to face. Vaccine safety is closely related to the health and lives of the people. China has implemented the Vaccine Management Law, which will be implemented on December 1, 2019. Throughout the entire law, the two words “safety” are written all over. We all realize that only when safety is in place can the masses be assured, can the vaccination rate be increased, the incidence of infectious diseases can be effectively reduced, and the physical and mental health of the masses can be protected.

Vaccine Management Experience in China

So how can an effective vaccine be produced safely?
How to be “escorted all the way” applied to every vaccinator?
How to track down some side effects after vaccination?

This is something that the recipient’s family is concerned about. Everyone hopes that all the information about a vaccine from its production to its final use will be supervised by the drug administration, health and health and other departments, so that the whole process can be traced and traceable.

After unremitting efforts in recent years, some countries will fully realize the traceability of the national centralized procurement of vaccines “one item, one code” by the end of the year, and scan code for all vaccines to enter the warehouse and scan code for vaccination. In this way, the source of each vaccine can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated, so as to provide more transparent and safe immunization to the people of the whole country.

1. What is the meaning of vaccination safety?

The safety of vaccination should include: the safety of vaccine delivery; the safety of transportation and storage; the safety of vaccination; and the safety after vaccination. Therefore, a safe vaccine is not only safe in terms of access, production, audit, inspection, etc., but also cold chain operation and storage equipment that meets the temperature. The vaccine itself must be safe until vaccination; Including standardized vaccination clinics, pre-inspection before vaccination and the grasp of contraindications, the vaccination process of “three checks and seven to one verification”; safety after vaccination includes 30-minute observation, attention to the monitoring of side effects, and timely detection Adverse reactions should be treated as soon as possible.

2. How does “Internet+” work in terms of vaccination safety?

At present, the Internet has been widely used in all walks of life, so can we use Internet thinking to achieve transparency in vaccine production, transportation, storage, and vaccination, and solve the social problems of vaccine supervision, so as to ensure the safety of vaccination?

We might as well assume that there is a data system that encodes all the information of each vaccine from its production to the final use, and tracks each link. As long as we can see this information through this data system, then vaccine safety If it can be resolved, everyone’s worries about the safety of vaccination will be eliminated, and the vaccination can be assured!

The use of “Internet +” solves these problems very well, and the overall process is completed in three steps.

  • Step 1: Encode the vaccine produced by the company. This code is accurate to the smallest package of the vaccine. The production, inspection, batch issuance and other information of the encoded batch of vaccine can be recorded in the code;
  • Step 2: Encode the transportation and storage links. After encoding, the transportation mode, cold chain operating temperature, and storage temperature of the batch of vaccines can be recorded in the code. If there is a power failure or other abnormality, it will pass The system sends alarms via SMS, WeChat, etc., including the information about vaccine entry and exit, all traces are kept;
  • Step 3: Code the vaccination doctor and the child. The coded vaccination doctor uses which batch of vaccines and which children have been vaccinated can be recorded and inquired. Parents of children can check the name, location, and location of the vaccine at any time. Information such as batch number, date, etc., integrate the three-step coding into one platform, and realize the tracking and temperature monitoring of the whole process of a vaccine from production to vaccination through the “vaccine electronic traceability code”, the whole process is offline Transparent presentation, any link is supervised, and any over-range silk clues will not only be reported to the police in time, but will also be recorded without any falsehood, just like the driver’s driving motion track is recorded and monitored.

3. How does “Internet+” play a role in vaccination safety?

Established a vaccine traceability collaborative service platform and supervision system

The State Food and Drug Administration first builds a unified national vaccine traceability collaborative service platform (hereinafter referred to as the national collaborative platform), which links immunization planning and vaccine traceability systems to integrate traceability information throughout the entire process of vaccine production, circulation and vaccination, and play a “bridge” It functions as a “hub” to realize data collaboration and exchange between all parties. It mainly provides address resolution services for the vaccine traceability system to realize the full traceability of vaccines.

The National Food and Drug Administration and the provincial drug regulatory authorities have respectively established a national and provincial vaccine information traceability monitoring system, through which relevant data can be collected, and vaccine flow can be monitored for daily supervision, risk prevention and control, product recall, emergency handling, etc. Work to provide more precise, scientific and effective means, further consolidate the foundation of vaccine information supervision, and improve the predictability, targeting and timeliness of vaccine supervision.

Establishing national and provincial immunization planning information systems

The National Immunization Program Information System realizes the collection and cross-regional exchange of information on national vaccination files and suspected abnormal responses to vaccination;

The provincial-level immunization planning information system realizes the docking and data exchange with the national collaborative platform, and obtains, collects, and uploads information about the circulation and use of vaccines, as well as vaccination files, and information on cases of suspected abnormal vaccination reactions;

The vaccination unit realizes the coverage operation of the immunization planning information system to ensure the electronic management and reporting of vaccination file information, vaccine storage and usage information, and suspected abnormal response monitoring information for vaccination, and carry out vaccine code scanning and code scanning vaccination. Automatic collection and entry of vaccine electronic traceability code and vaccinator information.

In this case, the immunization planning information systems of various regions and the country will be bundled together to obtain information on cases of children in different places at any time, realize the sharing of vaccination information for migrant children across the country, and count the vaccination status and vaccination rate across the country, effectively avoiding unclear vaccination information Or the possibility of repeated vaccination can better track the suspected abnormal response of vaccination, and provide a more convenient and efficient service system for the recipient.

Establish a vaccine information traceability system

The disease control and vaccination units of provinces, cities, districts and counties provide the vaccine traceability system established by the province with information on vaccine purchase, storage, delivery, circulation, inventory, and use, which will be unified by the provincial disease control and uploaded to the national collaborative platform;

Each vaccine manufacturer uses its own vaccine traceability system (but should meet relevant standards and meet the needs of public inquiries) established by its own or third-party technical institutions to assign codes to the vaccines produced and correlate its batch, expiration date and other information , Provide traceability data on the production and circulation of vaccine packaging units at all levels (import companies can entrust an agent to perform the above responsibilities), and link with the national collaboration platform;

Each vaccine delivery unit shall complete the transportation business under the relevant requirements of vaccine storage and transportation management, and provide traceability data to the client according to the contract, and the client will upload the traceability data to the national collaborative platform (provincial disease control or production enterprises can be entrusted) ;

Through the national collaborative platform, all relevant traceability data can be exchanged and shared between each vaccine from the factory to the final use.

Taking enterprises as an example, vaccine manufacturers must first file the vaccine traceability code on the national collaborative platform. After the record is approved, the manufacturer enters the production process to code the vaccine and establish the relationship between large, medium and small packaging.

Since then, vaccine sales have flowed into the market, and the vaccine traceability data generated at this stage is uploaded by the manufacturer to the company’s own vaccine traceability system.

The data in each company’s different traceability systems are connected to the national collaborative platform, and only after the national collaborative platform can be transferred can it reach the provincial traceability system for vaccine circulation.

For example, for immunization program vaccines, after receiving the vaccine, the provincial disease control department can compare it with the vaccine traceability information in its own system, and scan the code to store it.

Vaccine follow-up information circulating in the municipal disease control, district/county disease control and vaccination sites. The information on the use of vaccines is unified by the provincial disease control and uploaded to the national collaborative platform, and transmitted back to the provincial vaccine traceability system through the national collaborative platform.

In the entire data exchange process, all data flows through the national collaboration platform, but the national collaboration platform only retains the document data to meet regulatory requirements. The vaccine traceability system will retain the code and data to achieve the full traceability and verification of the smallest packaging unit. Called “the most powerful brain”.

Because the vaccine traceability code is unique, the data is true and complete, and cannot be tampered with, it can effectively prevent illegal vaccines from entering legal channels. It can also ensure that the quality and safety of vaccines can be recalled and the responsibility can be held. The public only needs to go through the national traceability collaborative platform or ” The “China Drug Administration” APP, etc., can scan for authenticity and safe vaccination. At the same time, you can also know the name, production date, production batch number, expiration date, packaging specifications, batch issuance and other information of each vaccine.

Establish a vaccine cold chain monitoring system

As a special biological product that is indispensable to modern medicine, vaccines have very high temperature and environmental requirements during transportation and storage.

At present, most areas of the country have established a vaccine cold chain monitoring system. Through the establishment of a vaccine cold chain monitoring system, networked temperature monitoring will be implemented in every link of vaccine transportation and storage. The whole process of cold chain monitoring will be adopted. The vaccine entry and exit information is in Traces are kept in the system. In addition, the refrigerators storing vaccines in each inoculation unit also have temperature monitoring, and we can obtain the vaccine transportation and storage temperature anytime and anywhere.

In the event of a trip, power failure or other abnormal conditions, the system will promptly report to the police through short messages, WeChat, etc., to ensure the safety of each vaccine.

It is understood that at present, individual vaccines (such as quadrivalent and 9-valent HPV vaccines) are affixed with a temperature detection card (VVM) on the inner packaging of each vaccine. This heat-sensitive label can reflect the process of transportation through irreversible color changes. The heat damage to the vaccine so that the operator can tell at a glance whether the vaccine has failed.

Integrating the above systems into a set of information service platforms realizes a traceable vaccine safety vaccination system in which every link from vaccine production inspection, cold chain transportation, storage, and vaccination is under government supervision and control. This is how “Internet+” plays a vital role in vaccine safety.


In recent years, some countries has invested a lot of material, human, and financial resources in creating safe vaccination. It is believed that every vaccinator can deeply feel the changes in vaccination. With the implementation and execution of a series of measures such as the promulgation of the “Vaccination Work Regulations”, the promulgation of the “Vaccine Law”, and the investment of information equipment, every step the country takes is safeguarding vaccine safety and vaccination safety. Today we are praising At the same time as China’s speed, it should also “like” the progress and changes in China’s vaccination work.

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