December 1, 2023

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COVID-19 Vaccines will be launched in China in early 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines will be launched in China in early 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines will be launched in China in early 2021. Top COVID-19 expert:  Dr. Zhang Wenhong said The new coronavirus had become a “resident virus”. A batch of vaccines will be on the market early next year.

COVID-19 Vaccines will be launched in China in early 2021

The 2020 “Understanding China” International Conference (Guangzhou) “Life and Health Education Innovation Practice under the Epidemic” seminar was held in Guangzhou on the 21st. Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, who was absent from the conference because he was busy with Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work, shared his latest research and judgment on the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic to the conference through video that day.

Talking about the development of the epidemic: the COVID-19 virus will become a resident virus

“On the whole, when the herd immunity is carried forward in one stage and one stage, its transmission coefficient will decline in stages.” Zhang Wenhong said that the new coronavirus will become a resident virus. According to the current situation, if Without strong intervention measures, the COVID-19 epidemic will continue to spread.
Zhang Wenhong said that for individuals, the virulence of the new coronavirus is weakening; for groups, the virulence is increasing.

Talking about the Shanghai case: no major impact on the city

“Everyone has recently seen that there have been cases in Shanghai in Pudong, but it has basically not had a major impact on the entire city. There has been no closure of the Pudong area, and no widespread testing in the Pudong area,” Zhang Wenhong said. The first person infected with the virus was discovered very early. In fact, the number of close contacts and close contacts who need to be traced is limited.

“Achieving such sufficient tracking and expanding the scope of detection is actually sufficient to deal with the spread of this virus. This is what we often say “to get ahead of the virus.” The only thing to get ahead of the virus is, The starting speed must be fast.” Zhang Wenhong said.

“Fever clinics in various regions are the lifeline of the epidemic prevention and control in various regions. The responsibility of each hospital is also here. In addition to managing the hospitalization, early detection of fever clinics is very important. For the several local cases currently occurring in the country, regardless of Is it Beijing’s new place of development, Dalian, Xinjiang, or Shanghai’s Pudong this time. Without exception, the first case was found in the fever clinic.” Zhang Wenhong said, hoping that all medical institutions will stand by themselves in the entire prevention and control. Do your job well, and lay a very solid foundation for follow-up prevention and control in the entire epidemic prevention and control process.

Talk about vaccine development: China will have a batch of vaccines on the market as early as next year

Today, vaccines are coming to market worldwide. Zhang Wenhong said that from the perspective of such a speed, it is expected that a batch of vaccines should be on the market around the world early next year.

Zhang Wenhong said that it will take at least one year from the launch of the overall vaccine to the overall promotion. This is still a relatively quick estimate. Therefore, in the overall scope, if a complete preparation is to be made, it will be at least one year. Years of defensive preparation.

Zhang Wenhong urged that the epidemic prevention and control has entered a normalization stage, and I hope everyone can be prepared. The world may be slightly different from before, but I believe that our entire medical institution can handle it.