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COVID-19: Sequelaes After Infected by New Coronavirus

COVID-19: Sequelaes After Infected by New Coronavirus


COVID-19: Sequelaes After Infected by New Coronavirus.  Will COVID-19 pneumonia cause sequelae? Can I still travel on New Year’s Day and winter vacation? The latest response from Dr. Zhang Wenhong, China’s top COVID-19 expert.


COVID-19: Sequelaes After Infected by New Coronavirus


What about co-infection of COVID-19 and influenza? Will COVID-19 pneumonia cause sequelae? How far is it from vaccination? Can I go out on New Year’s Day and winter vacation?

On the morning of November 28, at the Shanghai Science Forum, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital, gave a special lecture and responded to these hot issues.


“Co-infection is a common phenomenon in respiratory diseases”

Before the lecture started, Zhang Wenhong answered reporters’ questions. Regarding the recent cases of COVID-19 and influenza, Zhang Wenhong said it is not surprising.

Zhang Wenhong said, “Co-infections are very common in winter, but everyone has not tested it before, so don’t be afraid of it.”

Zhang Wenhong introduced that at the end of January and early February this year, papers were published internationally. Co-infections are already very common in nature and respiratory diseases.



“No COVID-19 specific sequelae found”

At the lecture, a woman who introduced herself as a person who had been cured of SARS raised her hand to ask: Are there any sequelae differences between the new coronavirus and SARS?

“So far, no COVID-19-specific sequelae have been found in the treatment of new coronaviruses.” Zhang Wenhong said that if SARS patients are young and have not used high-dose hormones, they will recover well. However, so far, no new coronavirus treatment has been found and The COVID-19 has specific adverse reactions.

Zhang Wenhong said that some of the sequelae of COVID-19 pneumonia are still common sequelae of viral diseases. “Many viral diseases are systemic infections, which will cause some damage to the nervous system for a long time, and it will take some time for lung fibrosis to recover. At the same time, the new coronavirus is only a few months away, and there is no way to say a few years. Things after.”

“But at least the patients in Shanghai are recovering well now.” Zhang Wenhong said. He always remembered that a patient with severe respiratory intubation was discharged from the hospital for two weeks and came to deliver the pennant as soon as he lifted the isolation. “He also took pictures with us. If he has serious sequelae, it is impossible for him to come over.”

Zhang Wenhong said that it is not scientifically valid for individual patients to have sequelae. One or two out of 60 million patients have sequelae. This can only be a special case. If it is to be scientifically established, it must be universal. .



“The current virus mutation has not cause higher lethality and transmission power”

During the interactive session, some listeners also raised questions about the current mutation of the new coronavirus.

In this regard, Zhang Wenhong said that the sequencing of the virus has been monitored. Viral mutation is a characteristic of the virus. Random mutation occurs all the time. Which random mutation will be left depends on the outside environment.

“Until the vaccine comes out, the random mutation of the virus will be meaningful.” Zhang Wenhong also revealed that at present, the mutation of the new coronavirus does not cause higher lethality and transmission, which is recognized by the WHO.




The end of this year and early next year will be the peak of COVID-19 vaccine globally 


How far is COVID-19 vaccine from mass vaccination?

In this regard, Zhang Wenhong also gave the time point: “From the end of this year to the beginning of next year, the world, including the Chinese people, will usher in the peak of the COVID-19 vaccine market.”

Zhang Wenhong said that some countries has a very good plan for the COVID-19 vaccination. High-risk groups are given first, and then vaccinated sequentially. In fact, many people have received emergency vaccination of vaccines so far. “Emergency vaccination of infectious disease vaccines is very common in the world.”

China’s COVID-19 epidemic can be controlled so well, the biggest key factor is that the people cooperate in personal protection.

“By the end of next year, the global supply of vaccines will be sufficient, but if vaccination is not in place in some areas, there will still be the risk of imported cases.” Zhang Wenhong suggested that during the epidemic, even after vaccination, it is necessary to practice frequent hand washing and crowded areas. It is a good habit to wear a mask and properly maintain social distance.


Can I go out on New Year’s Day and winter vacation?

In view of the approaching New Year’s Day and winter vacation, Zhang Wenhong suggested wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and keeping distance. These three methods are still the best means. “China has already undergone a stress test during the National Day, and the risk of importation in winter will be a little bit higher, so self-protection is still the most important.”

Some viewers at the scene asked, can they still go out to play? Zhang Wenhong said that except for a few medium and high-risk areas in China, you can go anywhere.




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