May 30, 2024

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A Britain teacher with more than 100 sequelaes after COVID-19 infected

A Britain teacher with more than 100 sequelaes after COVID-19 infected

A Britain teacher with more than 100 sequelaes after COVID-19 infected. Terrible! After the female teacher was infected with the COVID-19, there were more than 100 sequelae: she was tortured every day and the hospital did not accept it

It’s like a nightmare that can never wake up. The global epidemic continues to erupt. More than 59 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, and the number of new cases per day is still rising wildly.

A Britain teacher with  more than 100 sequelaes after COVID-19 infected

However, people are physically and mentally exhausted by the anti-coronavirus measures. The World Health Organization warned that people still need to pay attention to the COVID-19 virus.

On November 22, the British Mirror reported on a British woman who had contracted COVID-19s. This woman was clinically diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia in March. Eight months have passed. She is still suffering from sequelae. There are more than 100 kinds of sequelae left to her!


Like most Britons, in March, 53-year-old Georgia Walby had no idea about the COVID-19. But she has been infected with the COVID-19 unknowingly.

In the middle of March, she suddenly developed symptoms such as shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, sore throat, fever and fatigue.

At that time, testing was not universal, and she had no idea what disease she had.

Later, her family doctor confirmed that she had the COVID-19 pneumonia based on her symptoms and notified her to go home for isolation and wait for her body to heal.

However, self-healing never came. Her symptoms lasted for several months.
That’s how Walby’s nightmare began. She was originally a neurolinguistic programming teacher. She
She was so healthy that she could work 52 hours a week. He will also volunteer on weekends.

But since contracting the COVID-19, she has almost become a “waste.”

The first symptom appeared in March. At that time, the hospital clinic was closed, but her symptoms were not serious enough to go to the emergency department. She could only call the “health advice” call over and over again.

The nurse on the other side said, “If you can watch TV, you will be able to heal yourself.”

Walby believed her, but her symptoms went up and down like a roller coaster ride.

Walby was an outdoor enthusiast when she was healthy. Walby was a solitary person. She thought for a long time whether she could turn on the TV and watch TV.

Then she found that she had lost the ability to think. At night, she felt difficulty breathing, and struggling, she groped out the phone and hesitated to call first aid. Then she really didn’t have the energy, and she thought to herself: “I might not see the sun tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, her symptoms almost disappeared the next day, and she could cook and move on her own.

On the third day, her symptoms became severe again, and a deep sense of fear floated in her heart. What is going on with this disease?

Since then, her life pattern has been so fixed. She feels very good one day a week and can do something, and then her symptoms recur.

It’s like being played between the palms of the hands by a virus! Once she felt dyspnea. After taking a taxi to the emergency room, she felt all right again. Her blood oxygen returned to normal, and the hospital refused to accept her.

After the hospital opened in August, the doctor prescribed a lot of antibiotics and X-ray examinations, but the X-ray information was inaccurate, and she needed CT or MRI.

In this way, up to now, 8 months have passed, and Walby’s life is like being stuck in a nightmare that can never wake up.

According to Walby’s description: “I have almost all the sequelae of the COVID-19, there are more than 100 kinds, from cracked skin to various strange symptoms. My nervous system was out of control at one time.”

“In mid-June, I had some terrible symptoms, such as my inability to coordinate my legs.”

“When I tried to speak, I couldn’t make up a long sentence.”

“I even began to hallucinate. One night I was lying in bed, looking at the wall, and gradually saw a huge orange spider.”

She used to ride a bicycle to and from her office and her home every day, but now she can barely take two more steps.

She didn’t dare to go out, she didn’t dare to go shopping, she was afraid of contracting the COVID-19 again, she didn’t know which organs were damaged.


There is no income, the body is riddled with holes, the brain is unable to think, and even hallucinations occur every day, and he suffers from more than 100 sequelae every day.

Walby’s life was completely ruined by the COVID-19.

It is reported that among people infected with the COVID-19 virus, one in ten patients will have long-term sequelae.

As a result, Walby founded the “COVID-19 Sequelae” mutual aid association. She is one of the founders. Now there are 300 people in this group. They are all tortured by the COVID-19 sequelae, unable to return to work, or even unable to live independently.

Now, Walby wants to win the government’s financial support for people suffering from the sequelae of the COVID-19, and hopes that the government and society can attach importance to the lives of patients with the sequelae of the COVID-19.

Faced with the COVID-19, everyone’s symptoms are different.

Some people will be no different from before, and some people will be tortured for life with sequelae.

Now those who still think that the COVID-19 is just a “bad cold”, dare to take risks with their lives?

This contest between humans and viruses is not over yet. Don’t take it lightly, and protect yourself and your family!