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Breast cancer vaccine GP2 sets record

Breast cancer vaccine GP2 sets record

Breast cancer vaccine GP2 sets record. A major breakthrough in cancer vaccine! The five-year disease-free survival rate of breast cancer patients is as high as 100%.

This phase IIb clinical trial is a forward-looking one led by the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Fifty years ago, with the development of vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella, humans were able to end the raging smallpox, polio and other deadly diseases. Therefore, the medical community has been trying to use cancer vaccines to end the deadly public enemy of cancer!

Just now, at the 2020 San Antonio Breast Cancer Festival, there was great news:

The five-year efficacy analysis data of the latest phase 2b clinical trial of a new type of breast cancer vaccine GP2 shows that this therapy can trigger a “strong response”, and the five-year disease-free survival rate (DFS) of HER2/neu 3 positive breast cancer patients after surgery ) A record of 100% was set, and the recurrence rate was reduced to 0%! This means that all patients have reached a clinical cure, and the new cancer vaccine may end the nightmare of breast cancer patients recurring! Let’s take a look at this latest clinical trial data.


 Breast cancer vaccine GP2 sets record 


The five-year disease-free survival rate (DFS) is 100%! GP2 vaccine breaks records

The GP2 vaccine has currently undergone four clinical trials. The current data show that patients receiving vaccine treatment have no recurrence, and the safety of this vaccine is good, and no serious adverse reactions have been reported.
The latest clinical trial results of the GP2 vaccine were announced at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference on December 11, 2020.

Breast cancer vaccine GP2 sets record

This phase IIb clinical trial is a prospective, randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center (16 trial sites) trial led by the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. The results are very exciting: surgery and Breast cancer patients treated with Cystin received GP2 vaccine treatment. After a median follow-up of 5 years, the disease-free survival rate was 100%, and the breast cancer recurrence rate was 0%! For the first time, the Kaplan-Meier survival curve has a perfect line in breast cancer patients.

Experimental design:

A total of 168 patients were recruited in this trial, of which 96 HER2 3+ patients were randomly assigned to the GP2 vaccine + GM-CSF (colony stimulating factor) combination treatment group or GM-CSF after receiving surgery and Herceptin treatment Individual treatment group.

The results show that:

Among 46 HER2 3+ patients who received GP2 + GM-CSF combination therapy, the disease-free survival (DFS) during the last five years of the median follow-up period was 100%, while those who received only GM-CSF therapy were 89.4%.

In addition, among the HER2/neu 1-2+ patients who did not receive Herceptin treatment after surgery, the five-year DFS rate of the GP2 plus GM-CSF group was 77.1%, while that of the patients who received only GM-CSF treatment was 77.6%.


GP2 has been proven to be well tolerated, without serious adverse reactions, and a strong immune response can be detected by local skin tests and immunological assays. Studies have shown that the highest immunity is reached within 6 months.

Although many drugs have been approved for HER2-positive breast cancer and the prognosis is good, one in eight women will still relapse, and half of the patients will not respond to the standard treatment regimen trastuzumab, 80% to 85% of patients with metastatic breast cancer do not survive. This heavy research result shows that the GP2 vaccine + GM-CSF and trastuzumab have a synergistic effect, which will bring real hope of cure to patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

At present, the GP2 vaccine is preparing to enter phase III clinical trials to treat patients with moderate to severe (high risk) breast cancer. We look forward to the successful completion of clinical trials of this vaccine, and it will be approved for marketing as soon as possible. Survival benefit! If you want to know more about the recruitment information of this vaccine, you can also call the Medical Department of Global Oncology Network (400-666-7998)

GP2 vaccine combined with GM-CSF will become a fatal “combination punch” to overcome breast cancer

Usually HER2/neu 3+ breast cancer patients need to receive trastuzumab (Genentech/Roche’s Herceptin, a monoclonal antibody treatment targeting HER2/neu protein) treatment for prevention in the first year after surgery Recurrence, in the first 5 years, the recurrence rate gradually decreased. According to the current research results, the new GP2 vaccine may have a synergistic effect with Herceptin, reducing the recurrence rate to the lowest level, 0%!

GP2 is actually a transmembrane peptide containing 9 amino acids, which is a vaccine that can target the HER2/neu protein. HER2 is a cell surface receptor protein, which is highly expressed in many common cancers, and the expression rate in breast cancer is as high as 75%, so it is a very ideal target.

After the GP2 vaccine enters the body, it can be used in combination with GM-CSF (an FDA-approved immune adjuvant) to stimulate the proliferation of antigen-presenting cells (such as dendritic cells) and further induce CD8 + cytotoxic T lymphocytes (“CTL “) Identify and destroy HER2/neu-expressing cancer cells.

Preclinical studies have shown that after receiving the GP2 vaccine, T cells can accurately identify HER2-positive tumor cells in ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

Therefore, this new type of immunotherapy can continuously train the patient’s T cells, recognize and destroy HER2/neu-expressing cancer cells when they relapse, and play a long-term protective effect on the human body.

The era of cancer vaccine blowout! List of major R&D progress in 2020

The reason why mankind hopes that vaccines can prevent and conquer various diseases, including cancer, is because whether it is used to prevent infectious diseases or prevent and treat cancer, vaccines can work through similar mechanisms:

They teach the immune system to recognize infectious pathogens or cancer cells as foreign substances that need to be eliminated. There are special proteins on the surface of cancer cells. By targeting these proteins, the immune system can specifically eliminate cancer cells without harming normal cells.

In addition, the vaccine can prevent the recurrence of cancer and remove the remaining cancer cells after treatment. In addition to the above new vaccine, in the past 30 years, cancer vaccines have been extensively studied in animal models and humans, involving many different types of cancer.

In some countries, dendritic cell vaccines have officially entered clinical applications. Some patients with early-stage tumors may consider using vaccines combined with adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy after surgery to kill residual cancer cells, generate immune memory, and prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.

In addition, there are more than 200 anti-cancer vaccine clinical trials under development worldwide. You can add a QR code at the end of the article or call, and match your own anti-cancer vaccine clinical trials through the Ministry of Medicine. “Scientists said. “If successful, in subsequent trials, personalized vaccines will be used for various types of cancer, and having a sufficient number of new antigen vaccines has great potential.


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