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Can breast cancer vaccine cure rate reach 100%?

Can breast cancer vaccine cure rate reach 100%?

Can breast cancer vaccine cure rate reach 100%?.  A tumor vaccine called GP2 has zero recurrence rate for breast cancer patients in 5 years! This result was published at the “San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference” in the United States at the end of last year.

Can breast cancer vaccine cure rate reach 100%? 


The patients in this trial are all early-stage breast cancer patients who need to undergo surgery to remove the diseased tissue. For these patients, theoretically, the lesions have been removed. If there is no recurrence in 5 years, then clinical cure has been achieved!


Can breast cancer vaccine cure rate reach 100%?

Therefore, this result means that some breast cancers can be 100% cured!

There are too many rumors on the Internet now. If there is a saying “100% cure” in the title, the monitoring system of many platforms will not believe it and directly label it as a “title party”. But today this “100% cure” is supported by clinical trial data!

However, you can’t just rely on a title to make things clear, and don’t think that all breast cancers can be cured 100%!

So, please understand the following three points of interpretation.

1. This is the early stage of breast cancer to get this treatment effect

If it is found at an advanced stage, the current clinical cure rate is still relatively low, and the purpose of treatment is only to prolong survival.

This is why it is necessary to do an early mammography check for breast cancer and try to get treatment as early as possible.

Of course, if it is detected in the early stage without treatment, it will inevitably be delayed into the late stage.


2. You need to be HER2-positive breast cancer to use this treatment

HER2 is a protein expressed on the surface of breast cancer cells. This so-called GP2 is actually a fragment of HER2. It is used to make a vaccine. After injection into the human body, the human body produces specific antibodies to attack the remaining cancer cells. Avoid recurrence.

Not all breast cancer cells have HER2 on the surface. Only about 20% to 25% of breast cancer patients are HER2 positive. Currently, this part of patients can benefit from this treatment.


3. This GP2 vaccine is actually just icing on the cake

When you hear the breast cancer vaccine, you may feel like a flu vaccine. Healthy people get an injection first to prevent illness.

This is not the case! This vaccine is given as an adjuvant treatment after the operation is completed in the early stage.

Here is a concept of popular science:

Adjuvant therapy

What is adjuvant therapy? That is, after the operation, the patient can no longer detect the lesion. Strictly speaking, there is no “cancer”. The treatment of cancer feels like no target. Therefore, at this time, the treatment of cancer is called adjuvant therapy, and the purpose is to prevent recurrence.

However, in fact, such treatments are not “faultless”. Failure to detect the lesion does not mean that there are no cancer cells in the body. It may be because there are fewer cancer cells and cannot be detected by current technology. If these necessary adjuvant treatments are not available, It is easy to relapse. Therefore, the adjuvant therapy here is not the rehabilitation therapy that supplements nutrition and enhances physical fitness.

It should be pointed out that for HER2-positive patients, there are actually adjuvant treatments based on the targeted therapy antibody Herceptin. In clinical trials, the control treatment group used this approach, and the recurrence rate was only 11% within five years. So in fact, the current treatment for early breast cancer patients is already very good. This GP2 vaccine is not a replacement for the current targeted therapy, but is superimposed on the basis of Herceptin therapy to achieve the icing on the cake.

Of course, this is only the result of a phase 2 clinical trial, and further phase 3 clinical trials are needed to become a formal adjuvant treatment plan.


To sum up, if you compare the cure of breast cancer to taking the high-speed rail, then some patients have already bought tickets, boarded the high-speed rail, and are on their way to cure. More and more updated treatment plans are needed to allow more patients to buy tickets and get on the high-speed rail.


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