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Not all hormones make people fat!

Not all hormones make people fat!

Not all hormones make people fat! Hormone cause fatness, hormone cause addiction…There are many misunderstandings about hormones.

Not all hormones make people fat!



Not all hormones cause weight gain

Hormone is a kind of chemical substance with high-efficiency information transmission function produced by human endocrine cells. It is extremely low in the human body, but it plays a huge role, and it plays an important role in coordinating metabolism, growth and development and other physiological processes.

The hormone that the general public most often talks about, and is most afraid of serious side effects, mostly refers to:


The main ingredient names of these drugs are often called “XX Song” or “XX Dragon”. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunosuppressive effects.
In fact, there are many kinds of hormone drugs, such as sex hormones, thyroid hormones, growth hormones and so on.

It is as if the eagle and the tiger are the same animals, but the two are completely different. Therefore, it is necessary to popularize the classification of hormones.

Classification of hormones

Hormones are roughly divided into four categories according to their chemical structure.

  • The first category is steroids, such as adrenal corticosteroids (cortisol, aldosterone, etc.), sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, androgen, etc.).
  • The second category is amino acid derivatives, including thyroxine, adrenal medulla hormone, and pineal hormone.
  • The structure of the third type of hormones is peptides and proteins, such as thalamic hormones, pituitary hormones, gastrointestinal hormones, insulin, calcitonin, etc.
  • The fourth category is fatty acid derivatives, such as prostaglandins.

Most of these hormones are used for “replacement therapy”. In other words, when the patient is “hormone deficient”, he will need to “replenish hormones”, such as thyroid hormone and growth hormone.

If the hormone is used under the premise of “what is missing and what is missing”. As long as the amount of hormone supplementation is “just right”, even if it is a lifelong medication, the side effects are controllable.

Therefore, we must first understand the type and purpose of hormones, and don’t talk about “hormones”.


Levothyroxine does not cause weight gain

Levothyroxine, which is taken for a long time by patients with thyroid disease, is another type of hormone that promotes metabolism, maintains normal growth and development, and improves body sensitivity.

Patients with hypothyroidism can take levothyroxine for normal metabolism, and patients with thyroid cancer can take levothyroxine to inhibit tumor recurrence and metastasis.

Because the role of thyroxine is to promote the oxidative decomposition of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body to release energy. Therefore, this hormone will not make you fat, and may make your body thinner.

So, is it better to eat more thyroxine?

No, eating too much can cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as sleep disturbance, weight loss, irritability and even abnormal heart function. Therefore, patients taking levothyroxine must regularly monitor thyroid function and take medication under the guidance of a doctor.


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