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Knowledge about OK Lens or Ortho-K(Orthokeratology)

Knowledge about OK Lens or Ortho-K(Orthokeratology)

Knowledge about OK Lens or Ortho-K(Orthokeratology). OK lens or Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) is a kind of contact lens. Contact lenses can be divided into two categories. One is soft contact lenses, which have familiar brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, and Vision.

Knowledge about OK Lens or Ortho-K(Orthokeratology)

There is also a type of rigid gas permeable contact lens-RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable contact lens. RGP). This type of contact lens needs to be customized, professional and targeted, and can only be fitted in professional institutions, so it has not The general public knows it well.


RGP can be divided into “day-wearing type” and “night-wearing type” according to the wearing time. OK lens belong to RGP’s “night-wearing type”.


The OK lens has two major benefits. The first is that you don’t need to wear glasses during the day, and the vision is clear and convenient. The second is that it can delay the progression of myopia after being worn for a long time. Myopia is cured).

Applicable people of OK lens:

1. Between 8 and 18 years old

The OK lens is not as convenient to wear as a framed lens, and the requirements for sanitary conditions are relatively high when wearing it. Generally, it is recommended that the age of fitting is 8 years old and above. Children under 8 years of age are not that good, and fitting is generally not recommended.

In addition, during the growth and development period of children, the effect of controlling myopia is the best, while adults are basically stereotyped because of the growth of the eyeballs. Wearing OK glasses can only have a corrective effect, and there is not so obvious progress in controlling myopia.

So to sum up, OK lens are more suitable for people between 8 and 18 years old.

2. Myopia <600 degrees, astigmatism <200 degrees

Generally speaking, the fitting range of OK lens is within 600 degrees of myopia and 200 degrees of compliance astigmatism. It is more suitable for myopia <450 degrees and compliance astigmatism <150 degrees. Especially for children who wear ordinary myopia glasses and have little effect in controlling myopia progression, OK lens are a good choice. However, if the myopia is too low, for example only 50 degrees, it is not recommended to wear it.

3. Relatively prefer sports or don’t want to wear frame glasses

If the wearer’s subjective wishes are stronger, the effect will be better. Therefore, for some people who do not like to wear frame lens but also like sports, the OK mirror is a very friendly operation~

4. Beauty lovers

In fact, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t it good to wear glasses, will it look good if you take off the glasses?


Now, with technological innovation, everyone has a comprehensive understanding of OK lenses, and these risks have been controlled lower and lower. Foreign data show that the current corneal shaping technology can control the risk of corneal complications to only ordinary soft One-fifth of contact lenses, which means that they are five times safer than contact lenses worn by adults!


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