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China COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective in Pakistan | only one shot!

China COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective in Pakistan | only one shot!

China COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective in Pakistan | only one shot!   On February 8, 2021, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Faisal Sultan (Faisal Sultan) tweeted that he had received Phase III clinical trial data of Cansino Bio’s single-dose Ad5-nCoV COVID-19vaccine.

Sultan said: “The Interim Analysis by the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) shows that the overall protection rate of CanSino Bio-New coronavirus Vaccine is 65.7%, and the protection rate against severe new coronaviruspneumonia is 90.98% (multi-country analysis).” In addition, he said: “According to Pakistan’s domestic data, the overall protection rate of CanSino Bio’s COVID-19 vaccine is 74.8%, and the protection rate against severe COVID-19 pneumonia is 100%. “” There were no adverse reactions related to the vaccine. “This vaccine is China’s first single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.


China COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective in Pakistan | only one shot!

(Sultan Twitter post)

This vaccine is the Ad5 adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine (Ad5-nCoV) ConvideciaTM jointly developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and Cansino Biological Co., Ltd. It is the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine to enter clinical trials and the world’s first A COVID-19 vaccine that publishes clinical trial results represents China’s vaccine research and development strength and China’s speed.

The vaccine was approved by the Military Special Needs Medicine Approval issued by the Department of Health of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission on June 25, 2020, and was approved for use in the military. The vaccination program design is forward-looking, and one shot of vaccination can establish a protective barrier in a relatively short time.

The World Health Organization expert group published a paper in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, saying: “A vaccine with a single-shot protection effect of about 70% is more valuable than a two-shot vaccine with a protection effect of 90%.”
In practical applications, a single-dose program of vaccines can quickly achieve immune protection for the vaccinated subjects and shorten the vaccination cycle.

At the same time, the saved vaccine dose can be provided to more people who need to be vaccinated. In addition, the compliance of a single dose of vaccination is good, and the vaccinator does not have to run a second time, which brings convenience to both the vaccinator and the health staff.

Generally speaking, if 70% to 80% of the population has resistance to the virus, a large-scale epidemic will not occur. This single-dose vaccination program will take effect in a shorter period of time, provide protection for the vaccinated, and will be realized earlier than the two-dose vaccination, and achieve herd immunity faster.

In addition, a single-dose vaccine is more suitable for international students and business travelers. I hope China’s first single-dose COVID-19 vaccine can protect more people in need!


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