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May be the nutrition problem if Hair is whiter earlier than others

May be the nutrition problem if Hair is whiter earlier than others


May be the nutrition problem if Hair is whiter earlier than others.  When emotional stress is too great, you can try jogging, yoga, meditation and other soothing exercises to relieve stress.

Healthy, bright and plump hair is a sign of a person’s health and youth. How much influence does hair have on appearance? If you change your hair color, change your hair style, you will have the feeling of “changing a lot of life.” The gray hair on the head gives others the first feeling of “aging,” and it can also cause a lot of psychological pressure on oneself.

As the age increases, it seems natural for the hair to turn white. However, the laws of nature often “fail”-some people are still full of blue silk at the age of 50 or 60, and some people are in their twenties but their sideburns are all white. What went wrong?

May be the nutrition problem if Hair is whiter earlier than others
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Take a look first, are you a member of “Early Life Huafa”?

The definition of premature hair graying PHG is,

Whites are before 20 years old, Asians are before 25 years old, and Africans are grayed before 30 years old.

In this way, if you have white hair in your 30s or 40s, it seems you can safely say “white hair is not a disease.” But who doesn’t want to look younger and more energetic?

Although the exact mechanism that causes premature whitening of hair is still unclear, limited studies have shown that hair whitening is affected by both internal and external factors.

Intrinsic factors include DNA levels, endocrine and nutritional status, while external factors include air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, smoking, etc. These factors can cause the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cause damage to body tissues, including hair follicle tissue.

Ultraviolet rays, pollution, emotional factors or inflammatory reactions can all cause oxidative stress. Insufficient antioxidant effects can cause apoptosis and oxidative damage of melanocytes in hair follicles, resulting in reduced pigmentation and whitening of hair.

An experiment conducted on mice showed that ultraviolet radiation can cause oxidative damage to hair follicles, causing hair to turn white.

According to limited research evidence, if you avoid the following factors, you may be able to prevent gray hair.


Mental stress

Does emotion really affect hair so much? It is true.

Many scientific studies have confirmed that psychological stress can lead to an increase in oxidative load, and emotional factors can also cause early gray hair. A recent study of young people in Turkey showed that early graying of hair is related to oxidative stress in men and women, and emotional stress is an important factor.

Therefore, remember to channel your emotions, even if “I am too hard”, understand that putting too much pressure on yourself is not the best way to solve the problem.

When emotional stress is too great, you can try jogging, yoga, meditation and other soothing exercises to relieve stress. If it doesn’t work, you can also consult a psychologist to find a way to adjust your mood.

Please note that staying up at night, lack of sleep, or lack of deep sleep will increase the level of stress hormones, which will harm the health of hair. Therefore, instead of staying up late and working overtime, it is better to go to bed before 11 o’clock and set the alarm clock to 5:30. Get a good night’s sleep and get up early to work. Not only will you avoid damaging your hair and skin, but your brain will be easier to use, and the internet speed will be particularly high.


Low dietary quality, insufficient certain micronutrients

Some micronutrient deficiencies are related to the loss of hair pigment, such as ferritin, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B12 and selenium deficiency may promote the appearance of gray hair. The most reliable way is to promptly screen for these vitamin and mineral deficiencies and supplement them after the symptoms of premature graying of hair appear.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for healthy hair. Vitamin B12 is usually derived from animal foods, partly produced by intestinal bacteria. Generally speaking, as long as you have a balanced diet and normal intestinal function, there is no need to worry about vitamin B12 deficiency. However, vitamin B12 is very low in plant foods, so vegetarians should beware of vitamin B12 deficiency. They can take B12 pills and eat some fungus foods (such as mushrooms) and fermented foods (such as whole wheat bread, yogurt, sodium). Beans, tempeh, etc.) as a supplement.

One of the best sources of folic acid is leafy green vegetables, such as rape, asparagus, Chinese cabbage, celery, etc. The internal organs of animals such as pig liver, chicken liver, beef liver, pig kidney, etc. are also rich in folic acid.

If you do not eat green leafy vegetables, or if the vegetables are not fresh, overcooked, and meat is not enough, the possibility of lack of folic acid will increase.

People who smoke and drink frequently will consume more folic acid. A variety of drugs can also affect the absorption and utilization of folic acid, such as anticancer drugs, antacids, aspirin, and contraceptives.

The main source of vitamin D in the human body actually comes from “basking in the sun.” It is necessary to ensure that the skin is directly exposed to the sun in order to supplement vitamin D. Remember that applying sunscreen will also affect the effective synthesis of vitamin D in the skin. In the summer with plenty of sun, half an hour in a short-sleeved shirt is enough.
But in winter, supplements from the diet are needed. Foods rich in vitamin D are animal liver and kidneys, cream, egg yolks, and fatty fish. If these foods are rarely eaten, dietary supplements can also be considered.

The best dietary source of iron is red viscera and meat, such as chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken gizzard, pig liver, pork, beef, lamb and other foods rich in heme iron. Generally speaking, the redder the color of lean meat (organs), the more heme iron provided.

Although legumes, egg yolks and whole grains also contain higher iron content, their absorption and utilization rates are relatively low. However, vitamin C and organic acids can promote the absorption of non-heme iron. When dining, remember to eat some fresh vegetables, with some vinegar, lemon juice, tomato sauce, etc., it is also helpful for iron supplementation.



Data show that about 55% of pernicious anemia patients have gray hair before the age of 50, compared with 30% in the control group. Related to the above, lack of folic acid, vitamin B12 or iron deficiency can cause anemia.

In addition, too little protein intake, poor digestion and absorption capacity, gastrointestinal diseases, resulting in low micronutrient absorption capacity, will also increase the risk of anemia. For example,

The absorption of vitamin B12 requires the help of “intrinsic factors” produced by the parietal cells of the stomach, while the absorption of folic acid requires the help of FBP (folate binding protein) in the intestine.

The absorption of non-heme iron also requires the help of stomach acid.

Therefore, when the gastrointestinal function is poor, eating the same things as others will greatly increase the risk of malnutrition, and the hair may turn white earlier.



Protein deficiency

Hair itself belongs to protein. The melanin in hair is synthesized from tyrosine, which is an amino acid that makes up protein. Severe protein deficiency can cause the color of the hair to become lighter or even white.

In diseases such as protein-energy deficiency and chronic protein loss, an important feature is that the hair becomes brittle, the hair color becomes lighter, the texture is dry, and gray hair appears. If protein is added in time, this kind of hair graying can be reversed.

Foods rich in high-quality protein include meat, eggs, soy and dairy foods. It is best to have a balanced intake of protein in the morning, lunch and evening meals, which can better supplement nutrition.


Many studies have shown that there is a significant correlation between smoking and premature graying of hair. Smoke contains a lot of pro-oxidant components, so smoking will increase the damage of reactive oxygen species to melanocytes in hair follicles.
So remember: refuse cigarettes! No second-hand smoke! Reject e-cigarettes!


Thyroid problems

Thyroid hormones T3 and T4 can directly act on hair follicles to promote melanin production. Decreased thyroid hormones can cause hair loss and premature graying of hair. If there is hair loss or premature whitening of the hair, accompanied by physical weakness, etc., you also need to pay attention to the health of the thyroid gland. It is best to go to an endocrinologist to check it.
At present, only hair dyes and diet adjustments can be used to solve the problem of graying hair. Hair dyes are often the culprit for hair damage-hair dyeing can lead to hair loss, inflammation, and even various allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are still very young, but are already troubled by your gray hair, you may wish to screen for the above nutritional deficiency items and lifestyle issues.

Let’s summarize it again:

——Maintain a good mood and reduce stress.

——Sleep well, don’t stay up late.

——Eat three meals well to ensure sufficient micronutrients.

——Prevent anemia.

——Enough protein.

——Don’t smoke, stay away from second-hand smoke.

——Maintain normal hormone levels.

Is it a bit cliché? However, these are the key to maintaining good health.

Don’t forget, hair is a part of the body, and if there is a problem with the body, the hair will also be harmed. Even if you dye your hair, your physical condition will not change.

If you find that you have a diet problem, as long as you intervene and correct it in time, you still hope to grow black hair again, and it is the safest and most effective.



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