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Sunscreen may produce carcinogens if stored for long time

Sunscreen may produce carcinogens if stored for long time


Sunscreen may produce carcinogens if stored for long time.   The weather is getting hotter day by day, and many girls have put sunscreen on the agenda, and one after another, they took out the sunscreen from the drawer last year or even the year before last, preparing to “fight against” ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen may produce carcinogens if stored for long time

Although the original intention is good, sunscreen products that have been idle for a long time may not be safe to use.

A new study published by the French National Center for Scientific Research and the Sorbonne University in the journal Toxicological and Chemical Research points out that long-term sunscreens can produce carcinogens and increase the risk of cancer.

Researchers purchased about 15 common sunscreens and anti-aging creams from the United States and France respectively, and artificially aged them to simulate the situation after one year. The results show that Octocrylene, a chemical ingredient often used in sunscreens and anti-aging skin care products, will deteriorate after a period of time and produce the compound Benzophenone, whose content varies with The aging deterioration of the product accumulates rapidly. And those sunscreen products that do not show benzophenone often do not contain the common sunscreen ingredient octocrylene.

In other words, the common ingredient in sunscreen octocrelin, over time, produces benzophenone, a carcinogen.

It is understood that benzophenone is the “culprit” that causes contact dermatitis. It may cause urticaria and allergic reactions, as well as interfere with endocrine. The International Center for Research on Cancer (IARC/Iarc), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization, has listed benzophenone as a “product that may cause human carcinogens 2B (Groupe2B).” In the United States, benzophenone is banned for use as food additives and cosmetics.

The researchers said that before the release of the study, Okrilin had already caused a lot of controversy. In some places, including Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, octocrelin has been banned because it is harmful to corals.

Of course, this does not mean that people can’t use sunscreen and other skin care products, after all, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays may be even greater. Researchers said that when using sunscreen, you must pay attention to the expiration date and best use date. Do not use skin care products that have been stored for too long.





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