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A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!

A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!


A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!   Let CAR-T cells take the initiative to trap HIV virus.  At present, there are only 2 cases that have recovered after being infected with AIDS worldwide.

If there are any diseases in the world that make people scared to think of, I believe AIDS must be on the list. At present, there are only two cases of recovery after being infected with AIDS in the world. It can be said that people’s fear of AIDS is very strong.


So why is AIDS so terrible? Unlike other diseases, the HIV virus itself, the source of AIDS, is not directly fatal to the human body, but what is terrifying is that it can destroy the human immune system-in this area full of various pathogenic factors such as viruses and bacteria. In the world, without the protection of the immune system, human beings have become the flesh of the disease and can only be slaughtered.


If we further subtype the HIV virus, we can divide it into HIV-1 subtypes and HIV-2 subtypes. Among them, the most vicious is the HIV-1 subtype, which is not only more infectious, but also has a longer incubation period. Shorter, more harmful, and higher mortality, all of which are related to its damage to the human immune system.


The most important thing about the HIV-1 virus is that it binds and destroys the most important CD4+ T cells in the human body, leading to the breakdown of human cellular immunity. But what is absolutely unexpected is that one day we can use this feature of HIV-1 to customize our CAR-T cells so that HIV-1 can be fooled, thereby trapping and destroying the HIV-1 virus.

A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!


The reason why CAR-T cells can be an effective way to fight HIV virus is that we can directly install CAR-T cells with CARs of specific antigens that we want to recognize, so as to avoid the natural antigen and antibody recognition in the human body. Process, which allows us to directly find the HIV virus and kill it in a targeted manner.

In previous studies, researchers have prepared CAR-T cells that can specifically identify and kill HIV virus, but in order to obtain better and longer lasting CAR-T cell therapy, researchers have designed HIV virus A “gentle” trap.

Believe that everyone has been more or less exposed to the concept of “fishing law enforcement”. I didn’t expect that this time, CAR-T cells with big eyebrows and eyes have also begun to openly “fishing law enforcement”.


The HIV virus binds to CD4 molecules, thereby infecting cells in the body. So the researchers added a CD4 molecule to CAR-T cells, which is equivalent to a delicious bait. The HIV virus will naturally not let go of this delicacy, so they can’t wait to get it together. However, what the HIV virus did not expect is that, This is a trap.


A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!
Newly constructed CAR-T cells

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When the HIV virus binds to the CD4 molecule on CAR-T cells, it will send a message to CAR-T cells to notify CAR-T cells to activate and kill HIV—and in order to make this bait more delicious, the researchers The CD4 molecule has also been modified to make it more delicious and attract HIV virus molecules for a longer time. If the human body’s own CD4+ T cells are compared to a delicious cake, then the modified CAR-T cells are the luxury version, which can more easily attract the HIV virus.


A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!New CAR-T therapy inhibits HIV virus replication

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Before, there were actually a lot of HIV-resistant T cells produced. These cells are passively searching for the HIV virus, but this time the new CAR-T cell is different. It can actively induce the HIV virus to bind. If you take a relatively appropriate example, it is very similar to the example of human vaccination, but it is more direct, and it can be a fatal blow to the HIV virus during vaccination.


And more importantly, the secret to the long-term effectiveness of CAR-T cell therapy lies in the generation of memory T cells, and this new method will also generate a large number of memory T cells. These memory CAR-T cells can attack the re-active HIV virus, which can solve potential virus risks more effectively and quickly.


A new CAR-T therapy may cure AIDS!The new CAR-T therapy demonstrates the durability of treatment

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Researchers are currently conducting further clinical studies to promote this new CAR-T cell therapy as soon as possible. This also allows us to see that CAR-T cell therapy can not only treat tumors, but also has more opportunities to flex its muscles in other therapeutic areas.



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