May 30, 2024

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DNA coronavirus vaccine: First global Phase III research plan launched

DNA  coronavirus vaccine: First global multi-center Phase III clinical research plan launched


DNA coronavirus vaccine: First global Phase III research plan launched.  Inovio Pharmaceuticals of the United States announced that the Phase II clinical trial of DNA coronavirus vaccine in the United States is nearing completion.

Based on the evaluation results of Phase II safety and immunogenicity, it plans to initiate a global multi-center Phase III clinical study.


DNA coronavirus vaccine: First global Phase III research plan launched


Inovio Pharmaceuticals will cooperate with DNA coronavirus vaccine partner Suzhou Advaccine Biopharmaceuticals (Advaccine), and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and other institutions to jointly carry out the Phase III clinical study.

The goal of the Phase III clinical study is to address the global unmet need for a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

DNA coronavirus vaccineINO-4800 is jointly developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals of the United States and Suzhou Aiweixin Biopharmaceuticals of China.

The preliminary experimental data show excellent safety and immunogenicity, and have a balanced humoral and cellular immune response. In addition, DNA vaccines also have industrial advantages in terms of stability and productivity.


According to the previous experimental results, INO-4800 can maintain a good immune response against the COVID-19 variants in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil. Regarding the potential problems that the new coronavirus will continue to mutate in the future, the second-generation broad-spectrum vaccine version has also entered the preclinical testing stage.

The new version is based on algorithm simulation and forward-looking design for the sequence characteristics of potential virus variants in the future. It can be used independently or as an enhanced needle.


DNA coronavirus vaccine INO-4800 is currently undergoing phase II clinical studies in China and the United States simultaneously, with a total of thousands of subjects. DNA vaccines and mRNA vaccines are listed as the third-generation nucleic acid vaccines, and more than ten DNA coronavirus vaccines worldwide have entered the clinical stage.

This time Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Ai Di Weixin plan to carry out the world’s first global multi-center phase III clinical study of DNA coronavirus vaccine. According to the current global epidemic situation, clinical trial centers may cover Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


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