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5%~15% of thyroid nodules are malignant!

5%~15% of thyroid nodules are malignant!


5%~15% of thyroid nodules are malignant! With these four symptoms, there may be something wrong with the thyroid gland!

The incidence of thyroid cancer has increased dramatically in 23 years, and it is known as the malignant tumor with the fastest increase in incidence. What does the increase in its incidence rate have to do with it? Who do you like to find for thyroid cancer? How can we stay away from it?

Thyroid cancer usually has different types, with different levels of malignancy. Highly malignant ones can kill people in a short period of time, even more terrifying than advanced pancreatic cancer.

Because its condition develops very fast, from discovery to hospitalization, it will progress to the point of inoperability in just a few days. The prognosis is very poor. The average survival rate is 3-6 months, and the one-year survival rate is only 5%-10%. .

Most patients are low-malignant, but if it is not detected early and treated in time, tumor metastasis will occur: lymph node metastasis, lung metastasis, liver metastasis, brain metastasis, bone metastasis…Slowly torment the patient’s body and mind.

Some serious patients need to undergo tracheal resection or even tracheostomy. Once the tracheostomy is done, they cannot speak, shower, swim normally, etc., which seriously affects the quality of life.



01. Don’t ignore the signs of thyroid cancer

A Case

A senior woman was a thyroid cancer patient. According to her recollection, she actually had symptoms very early, but she never paid attention to it.

  • In 2010, she often had a hoarse voice, and she thought it was because she was singing too much;
  • In 2014, there was coughing when eating, and I often felt suffocated when swimming;
  • In 2016, the situation worsened, almost drowning while swimming, and coughing and bleeding;
  • In 2017, he coughed up a lot of blood, and was finally diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the hospital.

The doctor recommended a total thyroidectomy and partial tracheal resection. After the surgery,  this patient recovered well and can now sing, dance, and swim.


Experts remind: The early signals of thyroid cancer are undetectable or easy to be ignored. Once there is a signal, it has actually developed to a more serious stage, but there are still opportunities for treatment. You must have confidence.


Common symptoms of thyroid cancer:

  • There is a lump in the neck (you can feel it with your hands),
  • Respiratory disorder, swallowing disorder, hoarse voice,
  • Long-term diarrhea and heart palpitations without cause.


02.  Difficult to treat thyroid cancer

It is said that thyroid cancer is lazy cancer, lucky cancer, and has a good prognosis. But experts emphasize that thyroid cancer is not all lucky, so why does thyroid cancer become fierce?

EXPERT summarized three points:

1) Slow growth does not mean slow transfer

The thyroid gland is full of lymph and blood vessels. If the tumor is not well positioned, it may metastasize at a very young age.

2) A good prognosis does not mean a high quality of life

There are many important nerves and blood vessels in the thyroid gland. During the operation, it is necessary to avoid damaging these important nerves and blood vessels. However, sometimes the tumor is very small and must be removed if it is attached to the nerve. For example, it grows on the recurrent laryngeal nerve. After the resection, you may not be able to speak, or your voice may be hoarse, which greatly affects the patient’s quality of life.

3)  High recurrence rate, life-threatening multiple operations
After multiple recurrences, the malignant degree of thyroid tumors will escalate, which is not only difficult to cure, but also affects the lives of patients.





5 high-risk groups of thyroid cancer


1)  Older

Although there is a significant increase in thyroid cancer among young people, as a whole, the age of 40-60 is the most prevalent stage of thyroid cancer, followed by 60-80 years, and then 20-40 years old.

2) Female

The incidence of women is higher than that of men, about a ratio of 3 to 1.

3) Family history

Some thyroid cancers are caused by genetic mutations. If there are thyroid cancers in the immediate family, it is recommended to be vigilant and pay attention to regular inspections.

4) Exposure to radiation environment

It is currently clear in the medical profession that one cause of thyroid cancer is relatively large doses of ionizing radiation.
Although the signals from mobile phones, TVs, and computers in daily life, as well as household appliances such as microwave ovens and refrigerators, also generate radiation, the amount of them is very small, so you don’t need to be afraid. The ionizing radiation mentioned here generally refers to nuclear radiation.

5) Iodine deficiency

Studies have found that there is a certain relationship between iodine deficiency and follicular cancer of the thyroid.

The increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer is related to the increase in the detection rate. With the development of the economy and the increase in public health awareness, many people will do thyroid ultrasound during physical examinations, resulting in more and more thyroid nodules and thyroid tumors being discovered.

Although the incidence of thyroid cancer has increased, the mortality rate has decreased. This also benefits from the early detection of thyroid cancer. Early detection and early treatment can reduce the mortality rate.


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