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Should thyroid nodules be surgically removed?

Should thyroid nodules be surgically removed?


Should thyroid nodules be surgically removed?  Thyroid nodules are a common disease, and the current incidence is about 20%.


Some people are very worried after being diagnosed with this disease during the physical examination, fearing that it will worsen and develop into thyroid cancer.


Should thyroid nodules be surgically removed?



Therefore, many patients want to remove it by surgery, so that it is fast and at ease. So, does thyroid nodules need surgery?


1. Benign nodules

A thyroid nodule is actually a small lump growing on the thyroid gland. Everyone has a 10% chance of developing this disease in their lifetime.

Although its detection rate is very high, more than 85% are benign masses.


Most of these lumps are small in size. As long as you pay more attention to conditioning in life, they will gradually become smaller and even disappear.

Therefore, benign thyroid nodules do not require special treatment.


2. Malignant nodules

Although most nodules are benign, some lumps may worsen. If the volume of the mass exceeds 4 cm and it compresses the trachea, causing the patient to have symptoms of dyspnea, or the nodule is significantly worsening, then surgery can be considered as early as possible.


From this point of view, surgery is not the most ideal treatment for thyroid nodules, nor is it the only treatment. Benign nodules do not require surgical treatment. This is not only expensive, but may also affect the appearance.


In life, timely and effective measures are taken for conditioning, which can reduce the risk of benign lumps developing to malignancy.




So, if you have a thyroid nodule, how should you take measures to treat it?


1. Adjust your diet

As people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, more and more people are pursuing gourmet food.

Many foods are delicious and satisfy people’s taste buds. But these foods are usually heavy in taste, and there are many spicy seasonings, which is a huge stimulating factor for the thyroid.


Therefore, for hot pot, barbecue and other greasy and heavy-tasting foods, you must eat as little as possible.

The diet is mostly based on light and non-irritating foods, and it is best to use steaming methods for cooking as much as possible.


Dandelion tea, white radish, honeysuckle tea, these foods can all play a role in dispelling stagnation and removing blood stasis, and can usually increase the intake for the recovery of the thyroid.


2. Good work and rest habits

If the regular work and rest are irregular, it will cause the body’s circadian clock disorder, resulting in abnormal secretion of various hormones, forming a stimulating environment for the thyroid.


Therefore, adults should develop good work and rest habits, do not stay up late, and ensure adequate sleep, so as to ensure sufficient physical strength to prevent the occurrence of diseases, and at the same time, it is also conducive to the recovery of the disease.


3. Maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood

Long-term negative emotions and frequent emotional changes will affect the secretion of hormones in the body, thereby inducing diseases or aggravating the original conditions.


According to surveys, the current prevalence of thyroid nodules in women is higher than that in men.

This is actually related to the large changes in women’s mood, and the hormones in the body are affected by menstruation, pregnancy and other factors.


Therefore, if you suffer from a disease, you must face it with an optimistic and positive attitude, so as to be conducive to the recovery of the disease.






Although the incidence of thyroid nodules is very high, most of them are benign masses and do not require surgical treatment.


In life, you can increase exercise appropriately to improve the body’s immunity. Eat less spicy and stimulating foods and take part in more interesting activities, and gradually the nodules will become smaller and smaller.




Should thyroid nodules be surgically removed?

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