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Roche COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!

Roche COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!



Roche COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy! Companies, either big or small, should seize any opportunity to face up to any difficulties they encounter. In this epidemic, many companies have seized the rapid development of new products, expanded factories, and made great achievements in this epidemic.

As of the end of 2020, Roche had 100,000 employees in more than 150 countries, and revenue reached 58.3 billion francs, of which the diagnostic business reached 13.8 billion francs. Thanks to the COVID-19 product layout, from last year’s financial report to this year’s Roche’s In various reports and news, the most mentioned are “in the fight against covid-19”, “SARS-COV-2 test” and “Pandemic”. We have seen the social responsibility and responsibility of giants, Roche’s society Responsibility and responsibility have also reaped unprecedented performance returns.

In the first quarter of this year, the diagnostic business reached 4.33 billion francs, a 55% increase, and the revenue of POCT products related to the COVID-19 business reached 716 million francs. Such a giant is in the COVID-19 epidemic. In turning the crisis into an opportunity, Roche, an IVD brother, is using his 125 years of wind and rain wisdom and experience to give everyone a rare course that turns a crisis into an all-round layout.

Here the author applies a paragraph from the year-end summary of Roche’s financial report, “Roche has encountered and resolved various challenges in his 125 years, and we will strengthen our efforts to fight against the COVID-19 COVID-19. With our ability to cooperate, we will rebirth from Nirvana and achieve a stronger self.”


COVID-19 plan from “diagnosis” to “treatment” all-round layout

Roche is a typical giant combining medicine and equipment. Compared with Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Roche’s diagnostic equipment is stronger than Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Compared with Danaher, Siemens and other equipment, his medicines are even better. Strong. Roche Group’s comprehensive diagnosis, using big data cloud computing to build diagnosis and treatment, provides diagnosis in the front stage, and Roche drug treatment in the back end, forming a seamless connection from “diagnosis” to “treatment”. This is also true for COVID-19 detection:

Roche COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!


  • Diagnostic testing end: molecular PCR testing, antigen antibody testing, antigen Naturalizing antibodies testing.
  • Treatment end:  high risk to mild and then to Hospitalized.


The two major industrial lines of diagnostics business from central laboratory clinical testing to POCT go hand in hand

To understand ROCHE’s diagnostic COVID-19 layout, let’s first understand the Roche diagnostic family products: COBAS series of laboratories (covering immunity, biochemistry + chemiluminescence + molecules + blood gas electrolytes + coagulation + pathology + five categories + urinalysis, etc.), + The PCOT Accu series (blood sugar + blood lipids + blood coagulation + myocardium + molecular infectious disease detection + rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 detection combined with SD, etc.) have formed two wings to dominate the group, and the peak of coldness. With these basic weapons, you can mix and match at will. fist.


Roche COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!

The main COVID-19 tests in the market include the following types of detections ranging from high molecular nucleic acid detection to the lowest level of colloidal gold detection. The detection scenarios range from the professional detection of the central laboratory to the self-testing of colloidal gold at home:

  1. COVID-19 molecular detection molecular (RNA extraction, COVID-19 PCR detection),
  2. Chemiluminescence CLIA (chemiluminescence COVID-19 antibody antigen and neutralizing antibody detection)
  3. Enzyme-linked immunoassay (COVID-19 antigen antibody, neutralizing antibody detection)
  4. Immunofluorescence (COVID-19 antigen antibody, neutralizing antibody)
  5. Molecular POCT (COVID-19 extraction + amplification)
  6. Colloidal gold lateral flow COVID-19 antigen antibody detection, and neutralizing antibody detection

Combined with the layout of Roche diagnostic products, it basically covers most of the mainstream tests

Roche's COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!


Central laboratory high-throughput diagnosis layout

Roche COVID-19 molecular detection layout: Cobas6800/8800 is currently one of the pinnacle products of molecular detection products with the highest integration of sample processing, extraction and amplification reading on the market. It not only has high automation and high throughput, but currently provides 20 million reagents per unit. month. The main layout is national central laboratories, third-party laboratories, and medium and large-scale hospitals.


  • Cobas®SARS-CoV-2
  • Cobas®SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A/B

Roche’s COVID-19chemiluminescence detection layout: Cobas e411/601/602/801, COVID-19 chemiluminescence from high-pass to low-throughput all-round layout of central laboratories, third-party laboratories, small and medium-sized laboratories.

  • Elecsys®Anti-SARS-CoV-2
  • Elecsys®Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S
  • SARS-CoV-2 rapid antibody
  • Elecsys®Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antigen


POCT rapid screening, home layout

POCT molecular detection layout: cobas liat uses a non-traditional microfluidic chip structure in small and medium-sized hospitals and laboratories. The entire chip is similar to the shape of a test tube. The test tube contains all the detection reagents and has been divided into each independent section to integrate all nucleic acid detection procedures. It includes reagent preparation, sample enrichment, inhibitor removal, nucleic acid extraction and real-time fluorescence quantitative detection.

Cobas®SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A/B (POC)

POCT quick diagnosis colloidal gold detection layout: Although the Roche colloidal gold method has very little layout in the existing product line, in addition to COBAS232 cardiomyocyte products, immunochromatographic technology can be seen. Most of the focus has not been placed on this technology, but as long as If you have the opportunity, you can also put down your noble figure and have a colloidal gold battle. Once the wartime, it will quickly form an alliance with industry leaders. Roche’s covid-19 antigen test will form an alliance with SD biosensor. (This SD is the same as that of ACON. The diagnostic business was also acquired by Alere’s parent company SD biosensor) Roche represented this product, and it shined in the fight against the epidemic. The channel used brand influence in exchange for R&D and time to market, striving to maximize marketing benefits. POCT’s revenue of 716 million francs contributed greatly to the distribution of SD fast diagnosis business.

The author thinks of the domestic equipment brother Mindray some time ago. Although it has achieved success in ventilators, monitoring and other products during the COVID-19, it can actually be more successful. The most popular molecules in the COVID-19 anti-epidemic detection and the rapid diagnosis have not participated. It is true. It is a pity that such a good global marketing platform, sales channels and brand appeal will be another Roche+SD domestic version of joint anti-epidemic cooperation if it joins forces with rapid diagnosis or molecular leaders at the beginning of the fight against the epidemic. , To achieve a win-win situation.

  • SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen
  • SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen (nasal)*
  • SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A/B rapid antigen*
    SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen nasal self-testing

For ROCHE’s COVID-19 rapid diagnosis business, many colleagues inside and outside the industry wonder why they don’t produce it by themselves but sell other companies’ products on a commission basis. Can they not make more money by doing it themselves?

In fact, Roche has its own product layout logic,


First of all, the fast-diagnosed colloidal gold covid-19 antibody antigen together with molecular nucleic acid provoked the anti-epidemic beam in the world in this anti-epidemic. The Roche molecule and the immune platform have already built the foundation, nothing more than adding the COVID-19 to the menu. Therefore, the development and production are common to the original product line, and it can be quickly developed and expanded. The position of the colloidal gold rapid diagnosis in the industry is the “clothing factory” in the IVD industry.

For the layman, although it is equipped with a certain technical content, it is for ROCHE Such a big boss is not a difficult task. It can be developed in minutes, but the “clothing factory” in the IVD industry is also labor-intensive and requires a large number of people to complete the factory’s demand, especially in the market for single self testing. The demand for colloidal gold cutting, pressing, bagging and repacking requires a lot of personnel. From the industry news, you can also see that Shandong A fast diagnosis company issued a recruitment requirement of 3000 after obtaining the self-test certificate at the beginning of the year.

Xiamen B fast At the end of last year, the medical company issued an urgent recruitment requirement for 6000 people. We imagine that ROCHE has 100,000 people worldwide. If it is allowed to re-purchase equipment and build factories for the rapid diagnosis line, and then recruit 6000 people, it is equivalent to an increase of 6% of the company’s staff. For companies that basically do not have a colloidal gold industry line, this is completely inconsistent with the anti-epidemic timeliness. For Roche, a sophisticated player, I am afraid that the most profitable element, the immune industry line does not have 6,000 people. The above-mentioned workers are completely unnecessary and do not conform to ROCHE’s strategic style. Expanding the factory, finding a site, and finding someone to produce will be done by others. Isn’t it good for me to be responsible for marketing to make money?



Roche has always had blood agent in its bones, has agent experience, and often has strong alliances with the industry. When Roche has not listed its own 5-category needs, it has been strategically cooperating with SYSMEX blood cells, acting as an agent for its products to complement the COBAS series in the laboratory pipeline Roche’s CGMS has also been acting as an agent for the distribution of Eversense continuous blood glucose monitoring system, complementing ACCUCHECK blood glucose monitoring’s shortcomings in the diabetes business. In Roche’s logic, as long as it is strategically needed, it can make up for its own shortcomings, which is conducive to the combined punch Can consider joining the Roche team. Although the company is large, the policy is still relatively flexible, which is commendable.



Roche’s molecular cobas 6800 and 8800 are platform products with instrument laying. Cobas E411 to 811 Elecysis series are chemiluminescence platform products and instrument laying. POCT molecule Liat is also a platform product, and there are also instrument laying. These instruments are because of the COVID-19 A large number of laying can bring more menu products in the future. For example, Cobas6800 can not only detect molecular COVID-19, but also detect HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV, etc., each instrument is every salesperson on the market, which can bring different things. The continuous sales of series of products, and the COBAS elecysis series of instruments will not only be able to do COVID-19 antigen antibodies in the future, but also neutralizing antibodies in the future. Infectious disease series, tumor series, myocardium, thyroid and other series are also leveraged in market sales, with continuous sources The sales volume of this kind of core is in the hands. The quick diagnosis does not have any equipment laying. It is a disposable product. It is disposable and discarded. There is not much follow-up after-sales work. If the COVID-19 epidemic is over one day, it can be easily At the end of this line, the basis and logic of the layout of the instrument platform type and disposable consumable products are completely different.



The COVID-19 colloidal gold fast diagnosis is a big piece of meat, and it is worthy of ROCHE’s deployment. According to the first quarter financial report of the East, the company’s marketing performance was 2.2 billion yuan. There was also the dark horse treasure for the whole year of last year. The UK alone received tens of billions of orders. , In Europe and the United States, the COVID-19 testing has entered the self-test era, which means that the medical level has entered the consumer level, and the market capacity is amazing. Of course, the bigwigs must get a share of the deployment.

After understanding these, it is not difficult to understand why some of ROCHE’s COVID-19 products are deployed as their own products, and some products are willing to cooperate with other companies in the industry for a win-win situation.


Race against the COVID-19-speed and passion

Roche's COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment strategy!


The development speed is rapid. Serology was completed in only 42 days, PCR diagnostic program was completed in 35 days, and the standard development time was 3-5 years. It is really the Roche R&D staff who are fighting day by day and fighting against the epidemic. It is worthy of admiration. Practicing Roche’s we do this today to build a better tomorrow.


Let’s feel the speed and passion of the big brothers together:

  • When the COVID-19 broke out in January 2020, Roche immediately developed and marketed the COVID-19 molecular test, TIB MOLBIOL LightMix® modular SARS-CoV-2 launched, basically synchronized with the epidemic.
  • In March, the main anti-epidemic cobas 6800/8800 cobas®SARS-CoV-2 molecule was approved by the US FDA EUA
  • In May, the chemiluminescence Elecsys®Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody antibody test was approved by the US FDA EUA. At that time, the main global serological anti-epidemic antibody test was the antibody test instead of the current antigen test.
  • In June Elecsys®IL-6 test was approved by FDA EUA
  • The rapid diagnosis SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antibody antibody test was launched in July,
  • Launched in August for rapid diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test
  • In September, the cobas®SARS-CoV-2 test & Flu A/B Test receives FDA EUA approval from the US FDA EUA, and the chemiluminescent Elecsys®Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S antibody is on the market.
  • Lab SARS-COV-2 antigen test was launched in December

Basically, it has raced against time and deserves the title of vanguard in the fight against the epidemic.  Practitioner of Doing now what patients need next.



COVID-19 upgrade


According to the latest research report of BCC Research, the global COVID-19 testing market will reach 60.3 billion US dollars in 2020, and it will increase to 195.1 billion US dollars in 2027. Roche has also handed in a lot of answers for such a large piece of meat. Roche reported sales of 43.3 in the first quarter. 100 million Swiss francs, thanks to the COVID-19 test, the sales of diagnostic products increased by 55% year-on-year, a big win. POCT sales accounted for 17%, mainly for the company’s covid-19 test product portfolio. Last year sales were only 190 million CHF. This year POCT sales revenue was 7.1 CHF, and molecular laboratory sales increased from 614 million last year to 1.11 billion CHF, an increase of 86%, mainly contributed by the company’s virology sales and high-throughput PCR testing.


Close Pandora’s box-return to the world a beautiful place


Human beings are faced with any major infectious disease virus pandemic. The best solution is isolation, isolation, isolation, testing, testing, testing, vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. The COVID-19 virus is like a demon in a Pandora’s box, scattered all over the world, and the COVID-19 detection is like a bright eye for humans. It is qualitatively determined by quick-diagnostic colloidal gold, quantitative and semi-quantitative immunofluorescence, and the dexterity of microfluidic POCT molecules. , Chemiluminescence platform, and gold excimer detection. . . . Come to help us understand and stay away from him, spare no effort in testing, the more testing, the easier it is to find and solve problems, and solve the COVID-19 problem. Putting Pandora’s box on the pandora’s box will return a beautiful world and bring good business.

Finally quote a paragraph in the ROCHE financial report at the end: we believe that good business means a better world.




1. Companies, big or small, should seize any opportunity to face up to any difficulties they encounter. In this epidemic, many companies have seized the rapid development of products, expanded factories, and made great achievements in this epidemic. By the side of the author, many companies have seized the rapid development of products, expanded factories, and made great achievements. Some companies were on the verge of bankruptcy before the epidemic, and as a result, they seized the opportunity to get rich overnight, whether it was the molecular diagnosis of Shengxiang, the master of Hezhijiang or the rapid diagnosis of Aikang Biology, Oriental Biology, Kanghua Biology and Baotai, of course. Many manufacturers in the industry have turned the crisis of the epidemic into opportunities like ROCHE.


2. Each IVD company has its own technical strengths, some of which are strong in rapid diagnosis of colloidal gold POCT such as Aikon, Wanfu, and Dongfang; some are stronger than molecules such as BGI, Huada, Shengxiang; some are stronger than chemiluminescence technology, such as In the new industry, every company has its own unique technology. What capital favors is not necessarily the one that makes money. What capital does not favor does not mean that it cannot be developed to earn high, whether it is low-low colloidal gold or tall molecules. It is the one who made a fortune in silence, or the leader under the capital spotlight, as long as it can meet its own development, it is worthy of respect. You follow your sunshine road, I walk my single-plank bridge, be yourself, walk your own way, let others say it.


3. If the IVD industry wants to become a century-old giant, (this is suitable for IVD companies that are inspiring to become a super giant, the layout of the IVD giant’s time-honored brand) must develop from point to surface, and think more about the layout. After a product is refined, or After an industrial line is refined, more peripheral products will be developed and expanded in accordance with the corporate strategy to form a closed-loop portfolio to enhance future profitability. History has proven many times that there are too many outstanding and outstanding IVD companies in the subdivision area. The development of IVD companies to a certain stage has come to an end. It is either acquired or limited in development. Interested readers can refer to the author’s POCT International Journey-Sunflower Collection: IVD King Layout, here It will not start. Therefore, if you want to be an inspiring IVD super giant, you need to constantly think and plan, and be prepared for danger in times of peace. Whether it is acquisition, self-research or agency distribution, it is a good way to maintain a strong development. As long as the goal is clear, all roads lead to Rome.


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