June 22, 2024

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Japan: 99% of deaths after vaccination related to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Japan: 99% of deaths after vaccination related to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine  | Korean “mixed AZ+BNT” hits 1,000 people with adverse reactions



Japan: 99% of deaths after vaccination related to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.  Japan and South Korea have vigorously promoted vaccination work, but the epidemic has not cooled down recently.

South Korea has broken through 1,500 confirmed cases in a single day for several consecutive days, ushering in the fourth wave of peaks. According to foreign media reports, most deaths after vaccination in Japan are elderly people. Among them, Pfizer/BNT accounts for 99% of the overwhelming majority.

In South Korea, the BNT vaccine has the largest number of deaths. In addition, mixed AZ and BNT The group also exceeded 1,000 reports of adverse reactions.

According to the analysis report of “NEWS POST 7” in Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan added Pfizer/BNT and Moderna vaccines with rare side effects warnings on myocarditis and pericarditis on July 7, and announced the warnings on the rare side effects of myocarditis and pericarditis from February 17 to 7.

On the 2nd of May, 556 deaths occurred after vaccination. Among them, 554 were vaccinated with Pfizer/BNT and 2 were with the Moderna vaccine (vaccination started on May 24). Based on gender analysis, 277 were males, 275 were females, and 2 were unidentified. It was originally thought that women had a higher risk of side effects, but in this report, the ratio of males to females is almost the same.

The report pointed out that because the vaccinations are given priority to those over the age of 65, there are also more deaths among the elderly. Among the 554 deaths from the BNT vaccination, 118 were males in their 80s, followed by females in their 80s and 90s. There are 101 women in their multiples, followed by 82 men in their 70s.

In addition, among the 554 deaths, as many as 142 people have hypertension, 72 people have diabetes, 69 people have Alzheimer’s disease, 60 people have heart failure, and 59 people have underlying diseases of cerebral infarction. However, as of June 27, only 7 deaths were confirmed as not related to the vaccine, and the rest could not be confirmed as related to vaccination.

According to Yonhap News Agency, as of 0:00 on the 17th, South Korea had received more than 21 million doses of the vaccine, and the number of fully vaccinated people reached 6.5 million, accounting for 12.7% of the total population. By brand, 11.46 million doses of AZ vaccine, 8.81 million doses of Pfizer/BNT, 1.129 million doses of Johnson & Johnson and 63,000 doses of Moderna vaccine have been administered.

The highest number of deaths after vaccination is Pfizer/BNT with 234 people, and the average adverse rate after adding up other abnormal reaction cases is 0.25%; AZ vaccine has 174 deaths, with an adverse incidence rate of 0.66%; Jiaosheng has 6 deaths , The incidence of adverse events was 0.65%; Moderna had no deaths, the incidence of adverse events was 0.67%.

In addition, 635,000 people in South Korea have used the “AZ + Pfizer BNT” method to mix vaccines. The authorities released data on the 7th and added 410 new abnormal reactions at a time, allowing the “mixed group” side effects reports to quickly accumulate to 1063 cases, of which Including 7 cases of suspected anaphylactic shock, the average incidence of adverse events was 0.17%.


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