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Denmark will remove all COVID-19 restrictions from February 01

Denmark will remove all COVID-19 restrictions from February 01


Denmark will remove all COVID-19 restrictions from February 01 and caused hug controversy although COVID-19 cases remain high. 


According to a report by DPA on January 27th, despite the high number of COVID-19 cases for several days, Denmark and other European countries announced that they will lower/remove epidemic prevention restrictions from February 01, causing huge controversy.


Denmark will remove all COVID-19 restrictions from February 01

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Danish Prime Minister Mette Fraseriksen announced on the 26th local time that Denmark will cancel most of the epidemic prevention measures from next month, including the requirement to wear masks, and will no longer classify the COVID-19 pneumonia as a “socially critical disease”.

Current regulations in Denmark require people to wear masks when using public transport, as well as when entering restaurants, shops, medical facilities and nursing homes. But after the new rules take effect, masks will only be required in medical institutions and nursing homes.

In addition, nightclubs can reopen; restaurants can also serve alcohol after 10 p.m.; customers do not need to show a “vaccine pass” when entering.


Denmark reported 46,590 new infections on Tuesday, slightly below Friday’s peak of 47,831. Meanwhile, hospitalizations rose to 918, the highest level in a year.

Fraserrickson said the lifting of restrictions amid high infection rates was due to high vaccination rates and a drop in the number of critically ill patients.

About 80% of Danes have received two full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and half of the population has received a booster shot.


In addition to Denmark, governments such as the United Kingdom and Ireland have also announced the cancellation of various epidemic prevention measures.

In addition, people who have been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested negative for Covid-19 should not undergo isolation and additional testing after arriving in another EU member state, according to a recommendation published by the European Commission.

The proposal has been supported by an overwhelming majority of member states and will take effect on February 1.


Many European media are skeptical about this. “A risky bet”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung” said that many European countries have relatively high vaccination rates, but under the current predicament, giving up epidemic prevention measures is excessive self-overestimation.

In addition, many experts have warned that Omicron is not a large flu. Although the fatality rate of the virus is low, the symptoms vary from person to person. For frail groups such as the elderly, the lifting of epidemic prevention restrictions is undoubtedly huge health threat.

If all European countries stop  to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, it will also bring the risk of virus importation to other countries.



Denmark will remove all COVID-19 restrictions from February 01

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