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Japan: Molnupiravir treats COVID-19 with positive effects

Japan: Molnupiravir treats COVID-19 with positive effects

Japan: Molnupiravir treats COVID-19 with positive effects.

COVID-19 drug “Molnupiravir” Must be within 5 days of onset High-risk people, seek early consultation. 

Molnupiravir a new type of coronavirus infectious disease drug) began to be used in Japan at the end of last year.

There are high expectations for suppressing the severity of the disease, but “within five days from the onset” is a condition for starting administration.

Now that it takes time to test due to the rapid spread of the mutant strain “Omicron strain”, it is pointed out that it may not be taken in time.

The target of prescription is also limited, and it is forbidden to be alert that “there is a medicine to take even if infected”. 

Japan: Molnupiravir treats COVID-19 with positive effects.


“Twice a day, take four tablets each in five days.” A 40-year-old male office clerk in Nagoya received a bottle of Molnupiravir at a nearby clinic on the afternoon of January 14. 

He had a fever on the eleventh day and was inspected on the thirteenth day. It turned out to be positive this morning. 

He was able to take the drug three days after the onset, and by the time he had finished taking it, he had completely recovered. 

He was his second infection following last spring, but he recalls, “I was relieved, unlike the last time I just slept at home.”

Molnupiravir, a major US pharmaceutical company, inhibits the action of enzymes that make the virus blueprint “RNA”.

It is said to suppress the growth of the virus, and in the company’s clinical trials, the risk of hospitalization and death was reduced by 30%. Similar effects can be expected for mutant strains such as the Omicron strain.

The country has signed a purchase contract for 1.6 million people and plans to secure 600,000 people by the end of March.

In order for medical institutions and pharmacies to receive medicine, they need to register with the “Registration Center” of the company’s Japanese subsidiary “MSD”.

After that, if you order the required number from the center according to the outbreak of patients, you can receive the supply free of charge. So far, more than 61,000 people have been delivered to more than 15,000 facilities.

However, the target of prescription is only those who are at high risk of becoming severe, such as elderly people, obesity, and underlying diseases = table.

The man was obese and had diabetes. This time it was smooth, but the director (49) is worried about the tightness of the test system due to the rapid spread of the infection.

At the clinic, we request dozens of PCR tests a day from outside. Usually, the result arrives the next day, but recently it is said to be the day after next. We are requesting that people who are the target of Molnupiravir be prioritized, but in the future it is assumed that “within five days from the onset” will not be met.

The clinic always secures medicine for five people. However, if the medical institution you visited is out of stock, delivery may take some time.

Under these circumstances, the government has stated that if a person with close contact with an infected person develops symptoms such as fever, a doctor can diagnose the infection without a test if the local government decides.

However, a person in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says, “The prescription of medicines is based on a positive test.” Although not serious, side effects such as diarrhea and headache have been reported at a rate of 1-5% in clinical trials of Molnupiravir.

Professor Tetsuya Matsumoto (Infectious Diseases) of the International University of Health and Welfare, who took the stage at the media briefing held by MSD on January 25, reiterated that “drinking medicine is a means to prevent aggravation.” “People at risk of becoming more severe should get an early visit and get to the test as soon as possible,” he said.

◇ Molnupiravir Main prescription targets

・ 61 years old or older
・ Active cancer patients
・ Chronic kidney disease
・ Chronic obese lung disease
・ Obesity (BMI 30 or above)
・ Severe heart disease
・ Diabetes

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