June 25, 2024

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Moderna announced monkeypox vaccine study

Moderna announced monkeypox vaccine study


Moderna announced monkeypox vaccine study.

As cases of monkeypox continue to climb around the world, Moderna is trying to use its vaccine platform to find a vaccine that can ward off the disease.


Moderna announced plans to explore a potential monkeypox vaccine at a “preclinical level,” according to Monday’s announcement.


Moderna announced monkeypox vaccine study.


Health regulators around the world are on high alert as virus cases are on the rise.

monkeypox is a zoonotic virus that spreads mainly in animals but has been endemic in several African countries for years, including Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

So far, cases in Europe have largely been directly linked to travel history. Right now, health officials are identifying wider spread.


The monkeypox virus is a close relative of the smallpox virus, and the smallpox vaccine has also been found to be effective against monkeypox.

So far, there are two approved smallpox vaccines in the U.S., produced by Acambis (acquired by Sanofi) and Bavarian Nordic.


In addition to conducting preclinical exploration of a monkeypox vaccine, Moderna is developing vaccines to protect against COVID, the flu, the common cold and RSV.


Unlike the COVID-19 virus, which is mainly spread through air and droplets, monkeypox is contracted through close physical contact.

Rosamund Lewis, MD, of the Secretariat of the World Health Organization’s Smallpox Panel, said people infected with the disease often develop a rash that is spread through contact.


So far, at least 92 cases have been confirmed in 21 countries where the disease is not normally detected, and another 28 cases are under investigation.



Executive of monkeypox vaccine company: has begun to communicate with many countries

The chief financial officer of Danish vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic A/S said in a recent phone interview that the company could increase annual production to 30 million doses if necessary.

It added that if demand exceeds 30 million doses, the company may sign contracts with other vaccine makers to expand production capacity,

but the process will still take six to 12 months. The vaccine developed this time is the only monkeypox vaccine approved in Europe and the United States.



Moderna announced monkeypox vaccine study

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