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Will the booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine become unnecessary in the near future?

Will the booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine become unnecessary in the near future?


Will the booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine become unnecessary in the near future?

Scientific breakthrough against COVID-19: Isolated antibody avoids repeating booster shots. 

Tel Aviv University achieves a scientific breakthrough against COVID-19.

A team of scientists at the university has demonstrated that antibodies isolated from the immune systems of recovered COVID-19 patients are able to effectively neutralize all known strains of the virus.

This includes Delta and Omicron variants. The findings may eliminate the need for repeated booster vaccinations and strengthen the immune systems of high-risk groups, the researchers said.


Natalia Freund, Ph.D., and Ph.D. students Michael Mor and Ruofan Lee in the Sackler School of Medicine’s Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology led the research.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Ben Croker of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Prof Ye Xiang from Tsinghua University and Prof Meital Gal-Tanamy and Dr Moshe Dessau from Bar-Ilan University also participated in the study.

The research was published Aug. 5 in the Nature journal Communications Biology.


Will the booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine become unnecessary in the near future?

Dr. Natalia Freund Source: Tel Aviv University



This study is a continuation of an initial study conducted in October 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis.

At the time, Dr. Floyd and her colleagues sequenced all B immune system cells in the blood of people in Israel who had recovered from COVID-19 caused by the primary readout.

They isolated nine antibodies produced by patients. Scientists have now found that some of these antibodies are particularly effective at neutralizing the new coronavirus variants, Delta and Omicron.


Dr. Floyd “In previous research we have shown that the various antibodies formed after infection with the original virus are directed against different parts of the virus.

The most potent antibodies are those that bind to the virus’s ‘spike’ protein, where the spike occurs The same location that binds to the cellular receptor ACE2.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who isolated these antibodies, which were widely used by health systems around the world until the arrival of different variants of the coronavirus, which effectively deprived most of these antibodies effect.”


“Targeted therapy with antibodies and delivering them in high concentrations into the body, in our view, could serve as an effective alternative to repeated boosters, especially in high-risk groups and those with weakened immune systems.”


“In the current study, we demonstrate that two additional antibodies, TAU-110 and TAU-2310, bind the viral spike protein in a different region from the region where most antibodies have concentrated to date (and therefore in neutralizing the original strain) less effective), actually very effective at neutralizing the Delta and Omicron variants. Based on our findings, the first antibody, TAU-1109, was 92% neutralizing the Omicron variant and 90% neutralizing the Delta variant %. The second antibody, TAU-2310, neutralized the Omicron variant with 84% potency and the Delta variant with 97% potency”.

Will the booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine become unnecessary in the near future?


Dr. Freund believes that the surprising potency of these antibodies may have something to do with the evolution of the virus.


“The infectivity of the virus increases with each variant, because each time it changes the amino acid sequence of the portion of the spike protein that binds to the ACE2 receptor, increasing its ability to infect while also evading vaccination The natural antibodies produced after the , so they can effectively neutralize more virus variants. These findings come as we test all known COVID strains to date.”


The two antibodies, cloned in Dr. Freund’s lab at Tel Aviv University, were sent for testing to check their effectiveness against live virus in laboratory cultures at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

They also tested the cultured infective pseudovirus in the laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University in Galilee, and the results were the same and equally encouraging.


According to Dr. Freund, these antibodies could bring about a real revolution in the fight against COVID-19.


“We need to put the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of outbreaks that humans have witnessed before. People who were vaccinated against smallpox at birth, are 50 years old today, and still have antibodies, so they may be protected, at least Partly protected by the monkeypox virus that we heard about recently. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the coronavirus.

For reasons we still don’t fully understand, the level of antibodies against COVID-19 dropped significantly after three months, and this is Why do we see people getting infected repeatedly, even after three vaccinations. In our view, targeted therapy with antibodies and delivering them in high concentrations into the body can be an effective alternative to repeated booster shots , especially for high-risk groups and those with weakened immune systems.

COVID-19 infection can lead to severe illness, and we know that providing antibodies in the first few days after infection can stop the spread of the virus. Therefore, it may be possible by using effective antibodies treatment, we won’t have to give the whole society a booster needle every time a new variant emerges.”


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