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COVID “Arcturus” XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.

COVID “Arcturus” XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.


COVID “Arcturus” XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.

The first death in North America! The new variant swept across 31 states in the United States! Captured Canada! Super contagious experts warn of conjunctivitis symptoms!

After 3 years of the COVID-19epidemic, spring blossoms all over the world.  No one thought that the COVID-19 virus would come back…….


The latest variant, “Arcturus” XBB.1.16 , is spreading rapidly in 34 countries, and it is starting to sweep the United States and Canada! First death in North America today!


COVID "Arcturus" XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.


On April 25, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that at least one patient infected with XBB.1.16 died in the country ! This is the first reported death in the United States and the seventh reported death in the world!


COVID "Arcturus" XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.


This XBB.1.16, which is considered to be the most contagious and vaccine-resistant strain so far, has spread to 31 states in the United States , with California, New Jersey and New York becoming the main transmission areas.


At this stage, 1 out of every 10 new infections in the United States is XBB.1.16! Arcturus accounted for 9.6% of all new cases as of April 22 , up 50% from a week ago!


Now, “Arcturus” is also the second most mainstream strain variant in the United States, with 105 confirmed cases in California, which is twice the number of nearly 2 weeks ago!


At the same time, XBB.1.16 infections were also found in Canada ! At least 11 people have been diagnosed in Alberta, accounting for 7% of the province’s transmission of the COVID-19 virus!


It was the first time that XBB.1.16 was found in Alberta. On March 31, as of April 9, there were 11 cases.


The Department of Health also admitted that they had ended PCR testing at the end of March, and now tracking can only rely on whole genome sequencing.

That said, the actual number may be higher than this.

In contrast, the spread of XBB.1.16 in Canada does not seem to be as severe as in the United States, but now that everything is open, everyone is free to come and go, and there are many summer holidays, the spread of a new wave of ” Arcturus” strains in Canada is not unreasonable. strangeness.


Just last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated XBB.1.16 as a “variant of concern,” warning countries to take note. 


Studies have shown that Arcturus is almost 1.2 times more transmissible than XBB.1.5 , which is already the most contagious subvariant.


At present, there is no evidence that this XBB.1.16 will cause more severe illness and death, but it may become a new mainstream strain. What everyone is worried about now is the symptoms after infection and whether it will affect the return to the country.


Let’s talk about the symptoms first. This time XBB.1.16 has “new features” that have never appeared in the early outbreaks— infected people have symptoms of conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, and redness! There are even “sticky eyes”!


Common symptoms of the COVID-19 include high fever, cough, cold, general fatigue, loss of taste and smell, etc. This is the first time conjunctivitis has appeared, especially in children, which has also attracted the attention of experts.


Experts pointed out that under normal circumstances, the conjunctiva is white and transparent, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. When the small blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, they thicken and turn red, which is evident to the naked eye.


The conjunctivitis caused by the COVID-19 is infectious conjunctivitis . The main manifestations are redness, swelling and secretion of the patient’s eyes , and the secretion is white mucus.


Conjunctivitis caused by the new coronavirus generally does not require active medication, and most cases can be relieved by itself. If the conjunctivitis is severe, antiviral eye drugs, such as ganciclovir ophthalmic gel, can be used under the guidance of a doctor.


XBB.1.16, which is spreading in 33 countries around the world, is constantly being attacked, and the epidemic situation in various countries is slowly heating up——


The Italian Ministry of Health confirmed that in the week from April 14 to 20, there were 27,000 new cases of infection across the country , and the death toll soared by 48.1%;


XBB.1.16 accounted for 9.6% of new cases in the United States this week, about 3% more than last week;


135 cases of XBB.1.16 were found in the UK, and 5 deaths occurred in England;


Cases in India have surged 90 times, 10,000 new infections have been added within 24 hours, and the death toll has risen by 25% within a week, with an average of 21 deaths per day. Some areas have required the re-mandatory wearing of masks;

The number of infections in Singapore nearly doubled in the last week of March to reach its highest level this year;


According to CDC data, the number of cases of “Arcturus” variant, an increase of more than double that of the previous week;

In addition, Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand have also seen an increase in the number of people infected with the COVID-19.


Recently, there has been a small-scale “second-yang wave” among local Chinese in Greater Vancouver, and people from all over the country have expressed that they have been infected for the second time, and the whole family has recruited them.


They are all people who have been infected once or twice. This time, they have some experience. Most of them can survive, but some people have severe symptoms and feel uncomfortable for more than 10 days.




COVID “Arcturus” XBB.1.16: The first death in U.S.

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