May 30, 2024

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COVID-19: US Tens Millions Lockdown For a Month

COVID-19: US Tens Millions Lockdonw home For a Month, from Sunday Night

COVID-19: US Tens Millions Lockdown For a Month. From 10 o’clock tomorrow night, tens of millions of people will be under stay-at-home for a month. Don’t pass Christmas!

COVID-19: US Tens Millions lockdown For a Month


Although the Christmas joy in December is getting stronger, the COVID-19 epidemic has not stopped. What is even more frightening is that the hospitalization rate and mortality rate have been rising all the way, and it is difficult to find an ICU bed. Today, many areas in California issued the latest home quarantine order, which will be implemented at 10 pm on Sunday, and will last until January 4.

This Christmas, for the people of North America, I am afraid it will be a hard time.


On Thursday, California Governor Newsom announced plans to implement a three-week home quarantine order, as long as the local ICU capacity drops to 15%, a lockdown order will be triggered. However, many regions can’t wait…

With the surge in cases and the fullness of hospitals, six areas in California’s San Francisco Bay Area have issued new home quarantine orders on their own. This is not what the governor meant, but local officials believe that they must preemptively prevent a new wave of tsunami-like epidemics.

“We can’t step on the brakes until we get to the cliff!” said the Santa Clara County Health Officer.


Starting at 10 o’clock tomorrow night (Sunday), most areas of the Bay Area will implement a new round of home quarantine orders. Until January 4, people should stay at home to avoid the epidemic. Hairdressing, manicure, bars and other personal care services will be all Closed, all private parties are prohibited, restaurants can only do takeaway. The capacity of retail stores will be reduced to 20%.

Health official Lisa Hernandez said that people should not interact face-to-face with people who live in different places, even in small groups, and be careful even when outdoors.

“Don’t let this Christmas be the last holiday with your family.”

On the day of the iron order, California set a record, with 22,000 daily cases and the number of hospitalizations exceeding 9,000 for the first time. On Friday, 227,000 new diagnoses were added in the United States in one day, and the number of hospitalizations reached a record of more than 101,000. At the same time, this week was also the week with the largest number of deaths due to the epidemic in the United States since mid-April.

The number of infections continues to rise, but the increase in the number of hospitalizations in many places is decelerating. Sadly, this is not because the infected person’s condition is not serious, but because the hospital is really running out of beds.

In Southern California, only 13% of ICU capacity remained on Friday night. It is expected that the home refuge order will be implemented tomorrow as soon as 6th.

In Texas, hospitals have to ask patients to wait for beds in the emergency room, and one area warns that they may soon have to ask people to wait in the car.

In Pennsylvania, a son has desperately wanted an ICU bed for his mother on social media.

However, even if he can be admitted to the ICU, he still faces a life of nine deaths.