June 25, 2024

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COVID-19: Zhifei Bio will deploy the third-generation mRNA vaccine

COVID-19: Zhifei Bio will deploy the third-generation mRNA vaccine


COVID-19: Zhifei Bio will deploy the third-generation mRNA vaccine. On the evening of December 7, Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co., Ltd. (Zhifei Biotech, 300122) issued an announcement stating that the company intends to subscribe for a 10.189% stake in Shenxin Biological with its own funds of RMB 35 million.

COVID-19: Zhifei Bio will deploy the third-generation mRNA vaccine
After the subscription is completed, Zhifei Bio will become the third largest shareholder of Shenxin Bio. Convinced that Biology has established an industry-leading technology platform in the field of mRNA delivery technology, especially LNP.

At present, the company’s research and development layout mainly includes three aspects: infectious disease vaccines, tumor therapeutic vaccines and rare disease gene therapy. The company was selected as one of the “50 Smart Companies” of the MIT Science and Technology Review in 2020, keeping pace with international mRNA drug research and development giants in terms of research and development methods and delivery routes. The LNP chemical structure library with 4663 samples can prepare tens of thousands of LNPs for the delivery of mRNA for different purposes in different tissues and organs and different cell types.

Its legal representative, Dr. Linxian Li, is an assistant professor at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. He has been selected as 35 people for scientific and technological innovation in 2017 by MIT Technology Review. He has more than ten years of research and development in the field of mRNA, especially LNP delivery technology experience.

“We hope to be a best-in-class delivery technology.” Li Linxian said, the best delivery technology is applied in three aspects, infectious disease vaccines, tumor therapeutic vaccines, and rare disease mRNA drugs for three different purposes that require different delivery. Carrier. For mRNA vaccines, we hope to achieve a lower dose than Moderna and BioNTech, while achieving better effects and safety.
Zhifei said that since its establishment, the company has been focusing on R&D and technological innovation, focusing on the introduction and development of R&D technologies and the construction of new technology platforms. The mRNA technology platform has its unique advantages and is also one of the main directions for future vaccine research and development.

Driven by the COVID-19 epidemic, the third-generation vaccine technology represented by mRNA vaccines has shined this year and ushered in rapid development. Chinese vaccine companies are actively deploying. For example, Abbio Biotech and Watson Biopharmaceuticals seized this opportunity. Fosun Pharma and others participated in the development of COVID-19 vaccines through cooperation with foreign giants, and took this opportunity to apply three generations of vaccine technology. platform.

It can be said that this year’s three-generation vaccine  leading companies in China have stood on the same starting line with international giants. Once the third-generation vaccine technology represented by mRNA vaccines can be successfully applied,  Chinese companies will have the basis for independent innovation, and China vaccine industry will start independent innovation. Big cycle.

Zhifei Biotech’s investment in this time is convinced that a company with LNP technology that is comparable to or even more than that of the three major mRNA pharmaceutical companies may indicate that Zhifei Bio will enter mRNA drugs and reach the international leading level in the new generation of vaccine technology.


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