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COVID-19: Still mRNA Vaccines even some side effects

COVID-19: Still mRNA Vaccines even some side effects

COVID-19: Still mRNA Vaccines even some side effects. Although the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine has these side effects, it does not prevent the US FDA from approving emergency use.

On December 10, the US FDA met to approve the Pfizer/German BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. The advisory committee finally voted to recommend the emergency use authorization (EUA). The specific voting results were: 17 votes in favor, 4 votes against, and 1 abstention.

Before, on December 8, the British people began to receive Pfizer’s messenger RNA vaccine. The first batch is estimated to be 80,000 people, including elderly people over 80 years old, nursing home staff, and some Ministry of Health staff.

COVID-19: Still mRNA Vaccines even some side effects. Although the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine has these side effects, it does not prevent the US FDA from approving emergency use.
First  gave this 90-year-old lady


On that day, two employees of the Ministry of Health had severe allergic reactions. Fortunately, they have recovered after treatment.

British and American newspapers have published this incident one after another, which can not help but make people a little worried.

But Stephen Evans, a professor of epidemiology in London, said: “It’s not surprising that many vaccines may cause allergic reactions, and drugs cause more allergies.”

Indeed, there are other vaccines that cannot be given to people with severe allergies. For example, people who are severely allergic to eggs cannot get the yellow fever vaccine. Even for the flu vaccine, people with a history of allergies should get it after consulting a doctor.

Moreover, it is not ordinary people who had a serious reaction this time. They all have a history of severe allergies and usually carry an adrenaline pen with them. The adrenaline pen is also called the adrenaline auto-injector, which is a life-saving tool for people with allergies.

The UK is investigating more details of this incident.

At the same time, the British medical supervision department recommends that people who have a history of severe allergies to vaccines, food, and drugs, such as those who carry adrenaline pens with them, should not get this vaccine for the time being.

American infectious disease expert Dr. Shaffner mentioned that clinical trials generally do not admit volunteers with a history of severe illness and severe allergies, so some rare adverse reactions may not be found in clinical trials.

Vaccine expert Dr. Offit said that there are treatments for severe allergic reactions to vaccines, which is why people who have finished the vaccine should observe them before leaving.

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer in the United States and BioNTech in Germany has been tested in phase three clinical trials in more than 40,000 people, and the effective rate of the vaccine is 94.6%.

Data shows that the most common side effects are injection site reactions (84%), fatigue (63%), and headaches (55%). These are common side effects of vaccination. The reaction is greater after the second injection, and the reaction is greater for people under 55. It seems that messenger RNA vaccines have greater side effects than flu vaccines.

The data also showed that about 0.6% of people in the vaccine group had an allergic reaction, but 0.5% of people in the saline group also had this reaction.

In addition to allergic reactions reported in British and American newspapers, some also mentioned that 4 people in the vaccine group of nearly 20,000 people had facial paralysis. Even if 70% of facial paralysis is dead, they will get better within half a year. Under normal circumstances, in every 100,000 people, 15 to 30 people get facial paralysis every year. Therefore, medical experts currently believe that the incidence of facial paralysis in the vaccine group is not higher than that in the general population.

The allergy to this vaccination may not be a bad thing

  • First of all, it was discovered on the first day of vaccination, and those who vaccinated later can prepare.
  • In addition, this incident shows that the UK’s supervision of vaccines has worked, and this adverse reaction was quickly reported and investigated.
  • Furthermore, for the world’s first new vaccine, the US FDA is correct in its careful approval.

On December 2 and 9, the UK and Canada respectively approved the emergency application of Pfizer vaccine. This made many American friends extremely anxious and criticized the bureaucracy and slow actions of the FDA. This kind of anxious mood is understandable, because the number of deaths from the COVID-19 in the United States now exceeds one 9/11 incident every day.

But many people don’t really understand the FDA’s approval process.

The FDA’s characteristic is that it does not rely on the summary of the data reported by the pharmaceutical companies. They have to go through thousands of pages of original information one by one, so the review process takes a lot of time, and it is already being reviewed quickly.

At this point, it must be mentioned that Pfizer and several other pharmaceutical companies have publicly published the clinical trial plans that are commercial secrets. The public can read and understand the details at any time. Give them a thumbs up for this rare candor and transparency!

On December 10, an independent vaccine advisory committee met to discuss whether to support the FDA’s approval of the vaccine. The discussion also included vaccine safety issues.

By the way, there are several other legends about this vaccine in the arena, such as the vaccine will be integrated into the human gene, will cause infertility, the vaccine has caused death, and so on.

And the truth is:

  • This messenger RNA vaccine cannot enter the nucleus, it is quickly degraded in the cytoplasm, and cannot enter human genes.
  • Some people think that the protein on the new coronavirus may be a bit similar to the protein in placental development, and then they run away. But there may be many proteins with this similarity.
    Anti-vaccine people often spread rumors that vaccines cause infertility, and there is no evidence, such as polio vaccine, HPV vaccine (previously written), etc.
  • In short, the headache and brain fever caused by the messenger RNA vaccine is more serious than the flu vaccine, but it is harmless. Allergic reactions that cause public panic are very rare, and secondly, we have an antidote.

Vaccination is actually the same as taking medicine and injection. It weighs the pros and cons. As long as the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, you can use it.


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