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China has exported about 39.43 billion masks to US

China has exported about 39.43 billion masks to US

China has exported about 39.43 billion masks to US. Statistics show that China has exported about 39.43 billion masks, 800 million pairs of surgical gloves, about 650 million sets of protective clothing, and about 46.762 million pairs of goggles to the United States. The mask alone means that every American has obtained about 120 Chinese-made masks from China. In other words, 39.43 billion Chinese masks are currently known to arrive in the United States. As early as March this year, many states in the United States staged a scramble for ventilators produced by Chinese companies. Some American consumers said that we cannot do without masks, ventilators, and hand sanitizers made in China.

And this sign is only a microcosm of the many products that American consumers cannot do without China. The New York Times reported not long ago that Americans are buying Chinese goods frantically. At the same time, analysis believes that the next mask economy may still be a main line of global economic and trade, and medical supplies such as masks produced by Chinese companies will still be the hard currency of the global economy.

Russian media reported on December 27 that the Russian Federation issued an order to prohibit national procurement of medical masks, surgical instruments and other medical devices from countries other than the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union before December 31, 2021. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade pointed out last month that the daily output of Russian medical masks in mid-March was about 600,000, but after the introduction of the production line, the maximum daily output has increased to 21 million. At present, the daily demand for medical masks in Russia is about 10.8 million.

China has exported about 39.43 billion masks to US

This shows that the Russian economy may be strengthening the country’s domestic production capacity of masks and other related medical supplies and commodities, and by reducing import channels to increase Russia’s production capacity. Russia’s domestic mask production seems to be self-sufficient, but it may not be able to earn foreign exchange through mask exports.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian Federation stated in April this year that it had received 150 million masks from China through various channels. As early as the second quarter of this year, the media quoted Russian media reporting that the US Department of Health’s request for masks from Russia was rejected. After being rejected, the US said that the Russian economy was too narrow-minded. However, some netizens have complained that the US economy seems to be able to look back at how it did before. It also shows that the production capacity of the US manufacturing industry is seriously insufficient.


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