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Processed meat and carbonated beverages: Death Risk 58% higher

Processed meat and carbonated beverages: Death Risk 58% higher

Processed meat and carbonated beverages: Death Risk 58% higher.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Eating processed meat and carbonated beverages often increases the risk of death from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by 58%.

Processed meat and carbonated beverages:  Death Risk 58% higher

The Medscape website reported that a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating ultra-processed foods such as processed meat, pizza, and carbonated beverages can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and increase the risk of death. People who consume large amounts of ultra-processed foods have a 58% increased risk of cardiovascular death.

According to Dr. Marialaura Bonaccio from the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of IRCCS University in Porcelli, Italy, ultra-processed foods are mainly or entirely made of substances extracted from food, or use some additives that imitate or enhance the taste of certain foods, and provide equivalent Based on the color and taste of the original food. They are very convenient, delicious, cheap, and have a long shelf life. Compared with fresh food and cooked dishes, they are more competitive in the market.

Researchers analyzed the dietary habits of a total of 22,000 residents in southern Italy, showing that the residents’ average intake of ultra-processed foods accounted for 10% of their total diet, and the daily intake was 181.5 grams. The highest intake is processed meat, which accounts for 19.8% of ultra-processed food intake, followed by pizza at 16.8%, and cakes and pies at 13.4%.

Ultra-processed foods accounted for 14.6% of the total intake, which is a high food consumer group. They tend to be younger, highly educated, and have a high proportion of women. Compared with people with a low consumption rate, their chronic disease and health conditions are worse. The high intake of ultra-processed foods is related to the lower Mediterranean diet. Their fat, sugar, cholesterol and sodium intake are high, but their fiber intake is low.

During the 8.2 years of follow-up, 1216 deaths occurred. Among them, 439 died of cardiovascular disease, 255 died of ischemic heart disease or cerebrovascular disease, 477 died of cancer, and 300 died of other causes. People who like to eat ultra-processed foods have the highest risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and all-cause mortality. Among them, people who eat a lot of ultra-processed food have a 58% increase in cardiovascular death risk, and the risk of death from ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease increases by 52%. This risk of death is independent of other cardiovascular disease risks.

Interestingly, among people who adhere to the Mediterranean diet, the proportion of ultra-processed food intake is more associated with the risk of cardiovascular death. It can be seen that when Mediterranean dieters eat these unhealthy diets, they are more likely to lose the so-called “health advantage”. But for some people with unhealthy eating habits, the proportion of ultra-processed foods is less associated with disease risk.

Previously, many studies have confirmed that the incidence of chronic diseases such as obesity is related to the increase in the intake of ultra-processed foods. According to a French study, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased by 11%-13% within 5 years among people whose intake of ultra-processed foods and carbonated beverages exceeded the average by 10%.

According to a Spanish study, people who consume more than four servings of ultra-processed foods and carbonated beverages a day have a 62% higher all-cause mortality rate than those who consume less than two servings a day. Especially in people with a history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, the intake of ultra-processed food and all-cause mortality are more closely related.

According to analysis by Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard Chen School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, the highlight of this study is to confirm that regular intake of ultra-processed foods such as pizza, processed meats and carbonated beverages is related to the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. Link. This increased risk may mainly come from excessive intake of saturated fat and sugars, but low intake of some health-promoting elements in the diet may also cause this result.

Although processed foods can help preserve and control infectious pathogens, in general, a diet with minimal processed fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and vegetable fat sources is the most helpful for long-term health.


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