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How to diagnose endometriosis ?

How to diagnose endometriosis ?

How to diagnose endometriosis ? It is widely advocated for a long-term management of patients with endometriosis.

Many women have experienced dysmenorrhea. Under the guidance of their mothers, most people choose to drink some ginger tea and brown sugar water, use a hot water bottle or warm the baby to warm the compress, and take painkillers if the pain is not good. They think that the girl’s dysmenorrhea is normal. , It will be fine after marriage. But sometimes “pain” is also a sign of many “not sick”.

How to diagnose endometriosis ?

If dysmenorrhea lasts from one or two days to the entire menstrual period, it may be severely symptomatic during non-menstrual periods and accompanied by varying degrees of pain during sexual intercourse. At this time, you should be highly vigilant and may be suffering from endometriosis.

How to diagnose endometriosis

The method of diagnosing endometriosis can be comprehensively judged by symptoms, gynecological examination, and laparoscopy. Let us carefully analyze some of the methods to diagnose endometriosis.

1 Diagnose endometriosis based on symptoms 

Endometriosis will have some symptoms, such as dysmenorrhea or painful intercourse. Once these manifestations appear, it is best to go to the gynecology department in time.

Dysmenorrhea of ​​endometriosis is mainly manifested as menstrual pain. If it is serious, it may be painful before the menstrual period, then the menstrual period is painful, and the menstrual period is still painful. In this case, generally speaking, we must be alert to endometriosis.

2 Gynecological examination to determine endometriosis

B-ultrasound of vagina and abdomen:

①It is an important means to distinguish ectopic ovarian cysts and ectopic bladder and rectum.
②The location, size and shape of ectopic cyst can be determined. Its diagnostic sensitivity and specificity are more than 96%.

3 Determination of serum CA125

It cannot be used as a diagnostic basis alone, because CA125 has limitations in specificity and sensitivity, and is cross-positive with many diseases. Monitoring efficacy and recurrence is more valuable, because the level of serum CA125 is positively correlated with the severity of the disease.

The normal value is less than 35IU/ml, endometriosis ↑, but not more than 200IU/ml. The CA125 value of epithelial ovarian tumors is much higher than that of endometriosis, and there is a certain range of overlap between the two, which should be distinguished.

4 Laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common clinical gynecological disease. The lesions can be planted in the ovaries, pelvic peritoneum, deep nodules and so on. Through laparoscopy, the typical lesions in the pelvic and abdominal cavity can be observed well, and the pathology can be analyzed, and the diagnosis can be made through these methods.

Mainly include the appearance of the operation during the operation, the situation seen during the operation and the cut tissue for tissue biopsy. At the same time as the diagnosis is confirmed, the lesion can be taken for biopsy, and even ectopic lesions and cysts can be removed to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Currently, it is widely advocated for a long-term management of patients with endometriosis. For women of childbearing age, recurrent and prolonged dysmenorrhea need to be combined with a high degree of clinical suspicion of endometriosis; for menopausal women, it is necessary to be aware of the possibility of endometriosis and close follow-up.


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