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Is brain trauma epilepsy treated?

Is brain trauma epilepsy treated?

Is brain trauma epilepsy treated? Some people will have epilepsy due to nerve injury after brain injury. Some people will have epilepsy due to nerve injury after brain injury.

Epilepsy is an abnormal electric discharge in the brain. The hope of curing primary epilepsy is very small. Generally, maintenance treatment with drugs is used. Secondary epilepsy can heal itself as long as the primary focus is cured.

Is brain trauma epilepsy treated?

Traumatic epilepsy belongs to secondary epilepsy. Therefore, as long as patients actively go to a regular hospital to receive scientific treatment, they will have a chance to cure the disease. Therefore, active treatment is the key. So what are the methods to treat epilepsy from traumatic brain injury?


The first point: drug treatment of traumatic brain injury and epilepsy

The general principles of epilepsy drug treatment are: early medication, adequate dosage, accurate medication, and long time. Once the diagnosis of epilepsy is established, take medication immediately to control seizures. The dose is sufficient to control epilepsy without seizures and no drug toxicity occurs. If necessary, blood drug concentration can be checked. Determine the choice of drugs according to different types of epilepsy or syndromes.


The second point: the etiology and treatment of brain trauma epilepsy

The daily life of the patient should be developed. Good living habits, reasonable diet and adequate nutrition are the necessary conditions to ensure the growth and development of the human body. Insufficient diet means lack of nutrition, which affects the qi and blood biochemistry, and leads to weak physical fitness. On the contrary, excessive diet can damage the spleen and stomach, and cause physical decline over time. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable diet, nutritionally balanced, and correct their bad habits.


The third point: Surgical treatment of traumatic brain injury and epilepsy

This method is also a surgical treatment method that many patients are willing to adopt. The operation is to remove the brain tissue from the patient’s body that induces epilepsy, and to remove the epileptic area, effectively avoiding the onset of epilepsy. However, the successful surgical treatment must be to accurately determine the disease-causing area, and the surgical treatment must be performed in a regular professional hospital to prevent improper operation and unnecessary damage to the patient.


Fourth point: TCM treatment of traumatic brain injury and epilepsy

The main treatment is to eliminate pathogenic factors first, and use treatments such as resuscitation and awakening, extinguishing liver wind, clearing phlegm heat, activating blood and dredging collaterals, and removing heat from organs and turning qi. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine for replenishing the heart and kidney, purging phlegm and extinguishing wind, resuscitating and relieving seizures, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and calming liver and fire. Traditional Chinese medicine has small side effects, treats both symptoms and root causes, and is not easy to relapse after cure. Can achieve very good therapeutic effects.

Is brain trauma epilepsy easy to treat? The disease of patients with brain trauma epilepsy is not incurable, so the patient must be actively treated. Only by actively treating the disease can there be a chance to cure the disease and enable the patient to have a healthy body. If you have more questions about epilepsy, please contact the online experts on our website. The online experts will guide you for free. According to the different symptoms of the patient, the expert will give you targeted questions. Finally, I hope that the patient’s friends will come soon Recovery.


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