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Hepatitis B is more likely to cause liver cirrhosis than alcohol

Hepatitis B is more likely to cause liver cirrhosis than alcohol

Hepatitis B is more likely to cause liver cirrhosis than alcohol. Alcohol is indeed a major factor that harms the liver and induces alcoholic liver disease, but it is not the absolute cause. There are many factors that promote chronic liver disease and cirrhosis!

Hepatitis B is more likely to cause liver cirrhosis than alcohol


What is “cirrhosis”?

Cirrhosis of the liver can be understood in the most popular terms, that is, the original elastic and soft liver gradually becomes “hard”.

According to the clinical information, cirrhosis is not a disease that appears on the liver independently. It is a chronic and progressive liver disease. It is caused by the repeated action of one or more primary liver diseases and finally caused diffuse liver disease. damage!


When the patient undergoes pathological examination, he can find obvious extensive liver cell necrosis, and because the liver has the ability to regenerate, the remaining healthy liver cells will regenerate nodularly, the connective tissue will further proliferate, the fibrous septum will form, and finally the liver lobules The structure is destroyed and false lobules are formed.

As a result, the liver becomes deformed, hardened, and developed into cirrhosis!


Hepatitis B is more likely to cause liver cirrhosis than alcohol

For patients with liver cirrhosis, the main risk factor for the disease is not alcohol, but hepatitis B!

Hepatitis B is a type of viral hepatitis, and its main cause is that the patient is infected with hepatitis B virus. The virus can be spread through three major channels: sex, blood, and mother-to-child.

Although China has launched the hepatitis B vaccine and is free of charge, hepatitis B has not completely disappeared in China. There are still nearly 70 million carriers of hepatitis B virus in China, of which 20 million have developed chronic hepatitis B.

Chronic hepatitis B is the most complicated type of viral hepatitis. Apart from vaccines, there is no cure for it. This also means that patients need to carry the virus for a long time or even for life.

The hepatitis B virus has strong hepatophilic properties. The virus’ genes can integrate with related genes in the nucleus of liver cells and continuously damage the healthy liver cells of patients.


If the patient is in the active stage of the virus and has developed chronic hepatitis B, but does not actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment, the hepatitis B virus will continue to develop in the liver, producing more liver cells with the virus in the liver, and ultimately lead to a healthy liver The cells are damaged and die.

After the death of the liver cells, the hepatitis B virus will be released from the original cells again, destroying other healthy liver cells again, and repeatedly, cirrhosis of the liver will develop!


Among all patients with liver cirrhosis in China, most of them develop from chronic hepatitis B.

This is not the most terrifying aspect of hepatitis B, it is also a major factor in promoting liver cancer.

More than 80% of all liver cancer patients in China have gradually developed from chronic hepatitis B to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, which eventually caused liver cancer!

In general, cirrhosis is a disease developed from chronic liver disease.


Therefore, you must not underestimate chronic hepatitis B. It is necessary to actively cooperate with doctors for treatment and regular review to observe the recovery of the body.

In addition, other patients with chronic viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease also need to be vigilant. If they are not actively treated, they may develop cirrhosis.

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