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Prevent liver cancer: What to do and not to do at night

Prevent liver cancer: What to do and not to do at night

Prevent liver cancer: What to do and not to do at night. The liver is one of the important organs of the human body. It not only has basic metabolic functions, but also plays the role of deoxidation, storage of glycogen and production of digestive bile.


Prevent liver cancer: What to do and not to do at night


If the liver is damaged, it will not only affect normal functions, but also cause various symptoms of discomfort, especially when liver cancer occurs, patients often have liver pain, fever, fatigue and other manifestations.

Therefore, when there is a problem with the liver, in addition to seeing a doctor as soon as possible, you must insist on “three more and three no” at night to make the liver healthy.

What to do to prevent liver cancer at night?

1. Emotional stability

If you want to avoid liver cancer, don’t always have negative emotions at night, otherwise it will cause the body’s resistance to decline, and the disease will more easily take advantage of the deficiency.

On the contrary, if you maintain a stable personal mood, you can increase the body’s immunity, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases and liver cancer.

2. Go to bed early

An important reason for liver problems is staying up late for a long time, especially in the case of basic liver disease, staying up all night is tantamount to worse.

Therefore, to remind people with liver disease, an important measure to stay away from liver cancer is to go to bed early and ensure seven to eight hours of sleep.

3. Supplement nutrition

If you want to make the liver function normal, it is crucial to keep on supplementing nutrition. Usually, you should not only eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but also take in an appropriate amount of milk and eggs.

The main reason is that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber. Eating more can improve the body’s immunity. Milk and eggs are rich in protein, which can maintain liver health if the intake is sufficient. .

What should not be done at night to prevent liver cancer?

1. Eat a very late or night supper

Nowadays, many young people not only suffer from the problem of staying up late, but also develop the habit of eating midnight snacks, but they do not realize that eating midnight snacks at night is not good for their health.

On the one hand, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it may also damage the function of the liver, especially for people who often eat barbecue, fried food and other foods.

Because grilled and fried foods not only contain a lot of condiments, they are not good for the body, and they also produce a carcinogen called benzopyrene during the production process, which will increase if they are ingested for a long time. The prevalence of liver cancer.

2. Drinking

Some men like to use alcohol to dissipate their sorrows at night, or drink some beer during supper, but these behaviors will affect their health to a certain extent.

Since alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver after entering the human body, the burden on the liver will increase when drinking too much, and sometimes it will damage the liver cells, which will increase the possibility of cancer.

3. Smoking

Everyone knows that tobacco contains a variety of carcinogens, including tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead, mercury and other ingredients, which are not only easy to damage the lungs, but also detrimental to the health of the liver.

In general, whether you have underlying liver diseases or not, as long as you want to avoid liver cancer, you should stick to the “three more and three don’ts” mentioned above, so as to avoid liver damage.

In addition to doing this, you have to keep exercising to promote metabolism and improve lung function. Finally, you should go to the hospital for regular check-ups. If you find liver problems, intervene in time to achieve the effect of staying away from liver cancer.

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