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Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer

Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer


Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer.  Everyone should maintain a light, balanced, and healthy eating habits in daily life, and avoid long-term intake of large amounts of unhealthy food.

Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer

Liver cancer is a relatively high incidence of malignant tumors in some countries. If we look at the incidence rate alone, it ranks fifth among all cancer types. However, the mortality rate of liver cancer has risen to the second place. Every year, the number of patients who die of liver cancer in some countries is second only to lung cancer. In just one year in 2020, 390,000 liver cancer patients in some countries will die from it!


The reason for this is that the liver has a very strong compensatory ability. Whether it is cirrhosis or liver cancer, there are basically no typical symptoms in the early stage. Nearly 1/3 of the patients do not even have any abnormalities in the early stage.

Furthermore, because the liver is involved in more and more extensive functions, it is often manifested as an abnormal digestive tract after symptoms appear. This can easily make the patient mistakenly think that it is just a chronic gastric disease and then ignore the examination!


Moreover, more than 90% of all liver cancer patients are hepatocellular carcinoma. The malignant degree of this cancer is quite high. After it forms cancer, the development speed will increase.

Once the patient misses the best opportunity for surgery and relies on conservative treatment, the control effect is often not ideal. Even the advanced patients receive treatment, in just a few months, it may deteriorate, develop, and eventually reach an irreversible stage!

Therefore, in the clinical view, the prevention of liver cancer is more important than the treatment. To prevent a disease, everyone must first understand the cause of its occurrence. However, up to now, the clinical cause of liver cancer has not been completely clear. It is just that a few cancer-related factors have been found, including chronic liver diseases, genetics, unhealthy diet and habits, etc.!


The following two foods may promote the development of liver cancer. It should be too late to stay away now:

1. Foods containing aflatoxin

Aflatoxin is actually a toxin, its toxicity is quite strong, even more than 68 times that of arsenic, and this toxin is widely present in everyone’s life and diet.

Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer

Such as moldy and deteriorating grains, edible oil or peanut butter made from moldy food, and moldy and deteriorating nuts. You know, aflatoxin is an extremely high-temperature resistant substance, and it is difficult to kill it with ordinary high-temperature heating. Long-term trace intake of food containing aflatoxin can cause liver damage.

Related studies have shown that as long as exposure to more than 1 mg of aflatoxin, the risk of liver cancer in the later stage will increase by about 50%. Excessive intake of aflatoxin at one time can also cause liver failure, poisoning and death.


2. Alcoholic drinks

I think everyone should know more or less the damage of alcohol to the liver. Its damage mainly comes from two major aspects. The first is that alcohol inhibits liver function and promotes the development of fatty liver.

Must get rid of 2 things that cause liver cancer

Second, there is a toxic substance called “acetaldehyde” in the metabolites of alcohol, which can damage liver cell DNA and induce liver inflammation. A large number of long-term alcoholics can develop alcoholic liver disease in the later stage, which includes hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Patients with alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis have a higher risk of liver cancer in the later stage, even 3-5 times that of non-drinking people. Even if alcoholic liver cirrhosis is not cancerous, it is still fatal. Patients entering the advanced stage of cirrhosis may also die from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage and hepatic encephalopathy.


In addition to the above two types of foods, high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar foods are not beneficial to liver health, and will increase the chance of liver fatty degeneration.

Therefore, everyone should maintain a light, balanced, and healthy diet in daily life, and avoid long-term intake of unhealthy food in large quantities.

In addition, for patients with chronic liver disease, it is also necessary to actively seek medical treatment and conduct regular liver cancer screening.




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